10 Best Sleep Stores

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for our overall health and well-being. However, with the stresses of modern life, many people struggle to get the restful sleep they need. Fortunately, there are now numerous online stores dedicated to providing a wide range of sleep products designed to help improve sleep quality.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 10 of the best online sleep stores that are leading the way in helping people achieve more restorative sleep. These companies are committed to using cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and science-backed approaches to provide effective sleep solutions tailored to individual needs.

1. Sleep Essentials Market

Sleep Essentials Market is an online store dedicated to helping you sleep better. They offer high-quality products like mattresses, pillows, and soothing sleep aids. The store was founded in 2020 by Teresa Ruiz, who has a deep understanding of sleep science.

Committed to safety, cruelty-free practices, and eco-friendliness, Sleep Essentials Market brings you the best sleep products from around the world. Whether you’re a light sleeper or just want to improve your sleep quality, this store has something for you.

2. The Sleep Store

The Sleep Store in Bellevue, WA, is a locally woman-owned family business dedicated to helping customers find the perfect sleep system. With a focus on high-quality mattresses and sleep products, The Sleep Store offers organic latex and non-toxic memory foam mattresses. 

Owner Lillian Fisher and her team provide top-notch customer service, ensuring that each customer finds exactly what they need for restful sleep. Their move from a small store in Redmond to a larger location in Bellevue reflects their success and commitment to their customers.

3. Bedrooms & More

Bedrooms & More in Seattle is a true family business, run by Jeff and Wanda Garfield along with their adult sons. They specialize in durable, sustainably-produced, and locally-assembled two-sided flippable mattresses made with natural materials. With a focus on quality and service, Bedrooms & More offers a wide selection of bedding, furniture, and sleep accessories designed to enhance sleep quality. Their commitment to sustainability and quality has made them a favorite among Seattle residents for over 50 years.

4. Soaring Heart Natural Beds

Soaring Heart Natural Beds in Seattle offers handcrafted mattresses, toppers, comforters, pillows, and mattress protectors made from certified organic and all-natural ingredients. With over 40 years of craftsmanship, Soaring Heart is dedicated to providing a natural, non-toxic sleep solution. Their focus on eco-friendly and good business practices, along with their knowledgeable team, ensures customers find the perfect fit for a healthier, more restful sleep.

5. Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm, with multiple locations including Ballard and Northgate in Seattle, is committed to ensuring customers get their best sleep every night. Their Sleep Experts® undergo extensive training to create a complete sleep solution tailored to each customer’s needs. Offering a wide range of brands and products, Mattress Firm provides value and convenience for those looking to improve their sleep quality.

6. Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep is revolutionizing the sleep industry with its ‘sleep fitness’ brand. Offering mattresses and toppers that incorporate biometric monitoring and temperature adjustment technology, Eight Sleep aims to optimize sleep performance for each individual. Their products are designed for those who take their sleep seriously and are looking for data-driven solutions to improve sleep quality.

7. Bearaby

Bearaby stands out for its weighted blankets designed to promote better sleep through deep touch pressure. Their commitment to sustainable and innovative sleep solutions has garnered attention from both customers and the medical community. Bearaby’s products are part of sleep studies with prestigious institutions, highlighting their impact on improving sleep quality.

8. Luxome

Luxome focuses on luxury sleep products, including weighted blankets and high-quality bedding. Their approach to sleep improvement combines comfort, style, and science to create products that not only enhance sleep quality but also add a touch of luxury to the bedroom. Luxome’s dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction makes them a top choice for those seeking an elevated sleep experience.

9. Casper

Casper is a well-known online mattress retailer that has disrupted the mattress industry with its innovative products and direct-to-consumer model. Casper offers a range of mattresses designed to provide ergonomic support and optimal comfort. The company’s most popular mattresses include the Casper Original, which is known for its universally comfortable design, and the Wave Hybrid, which offers advanced support and alignment. 

Casper also provides a variety of sleep accessories, including pillows, sheets, and bed frames. Customers can test Casper mattresses at one of the company’s 70+ Sleep Shops or take advantage of the 100-night sleep trial to ensure they find the perfect fit.

10. Sleep Number

Sleep Number is known for its smart beds, mattresses, bedding, and pillows that offer personalized comfort. Their innovative approach to sleep technology allows individuals to adjust their sleep settings for optimal support and comfort. With a focus on improving sleep quality for a healthier, happier life, Sleep Number continues to lead in the smart bed industry.


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