5 Risks Of Microneedling At Home That’ll Convince You To Get It Done Professionally

Known as collagen induction therapy, Microneedling was first introduced in the 1900s and had a surge in popularity in the early 2000s.

What is Microneedling facial?

Microneedling facial therapy is an innovative skin treatment that creates tiny punctures on the skin with the help of ultra-fine surgical needles piercing its layers. These small wounds force the skin to regenerate itself. Microneedling helps to balance out skin tone, minimize the look of acne scars, improve skin texture, and lessen early signs of aging. Using small needles, the surface layer of the skin is punctured to promote the formation of collagen and generate new, healthier skin cells. The Microneedling treatment with skin PRP is suitable for all skin types.

What is a skin PRP treatment?

PRP is extracted from your blood and works to lessen acne scars by promoting collagen formation, controlling inflammation, quickening the healing process, and regulating the growth of bacteria. It works best when used in conjunction with drollers, MDA, peels, and threadlifts. Although Microneedling facial can be used to treat scars and stretch marks on various areas of the body, PRP focuses on the treatment of the face.

With its inexpensive cost and short recovery period, microneedling procedure, has gained popularity as a substitute for more costly cosmetic surgeries. After defining microneedling, let’s examine the 5 possible risks associated with it that you might not be aware of.

What risks are involved in doing the Microneedling procedure at home?
Although the medical world deems Microneedling to be safe and beneficial in most cases, the procedure may trigger 5 potential risks:

#1- Skin infection: If you have active acne, you should skip at-home Microneedling to avoid potentially spreading bacteria and aggravating your condition. As part of the skin’s natural flora, bacteria and viruses are frequently present there. If you do not properly sterilize the instruments, these germs may spread to the open wounds caused by microneedling procedure.

#2- Wrong needle size: Incorrectly sized needles can have a variety of impacts. Larger needles have the potential to traumatize your skin by not leaving enough time for tissue recovery between treatments, while smaller needles may not provide the desired results because they penetrate the skin layers insufficiently. If larger needles are not thoroughly sterilized, they also carry a harmful infection.

#3- Damage to skin’s protective barrier: The primary concern linked to excessive Microneedling is the possibility of harming the skin’s protective barrier. Repeated needling can overstimulate the skin, causing tiny wounds or open pores that could allow bacteria to enter and cause inflammation and infections. Moreover, Microneedling promotes the synthesis of collagen, which increases UV sensitivity.

#4- Misuse of numbing lotion may cause inflammation: When numbing cream is misused—that is, applied incorrectly or excessively—it can cause a number of uncomfortable consequences. This can include side effects like skin irritation or even a burning sensation.

#5- Wrong choice of tool: The popular microneedling methods Dermapen and Dermaroller provide advantages including reduced acne scars and enhanced skin elasticity, pigmentation, and texture. Due to their different qualities and efficacy, choosing one over the other may cause skin problems.

How do professionals help you do the microneedling procedure in the right way?

Professionals are your best option for a completely safe—and more successful—microneedling procedure. The needle size is the most crucial detail to be assured of. When it comes to microneedling, professionals are experts in customized treatment. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all approach, they take the time to thoroughly examine each patient’s skin type and plan each treatment according to the unique skin issues and desired results.

Why choose VLCC microneedling?

At VLCC, we provide a variety of lotions and creams that help ease the suffering of our clients. Although scars and infections are rare, microneedling is generally a safe procedure. These risks can frequently be avoided with the right methods and follow-up. The number of sessions required will vary based on your skin type and personal requirements.

With our customized microneedling treatment plans, carefully controlled needle depths, and cutting-edge formulas, we ensure that each session targets the particular issue impacting your skin. To explore the transformative potential of microneedling without going over budget, choose VLCC today!


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