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7 Ways To permanent Residency For NewZealand Through Study 

New Zealand offers appealing ways to permanent residency for international students who opt to study in the country. This procedure is created to encourage talented people to stay in New Zealand after fulfilling their education and participating in the finance country and culture. In this article, the main steps and requirements are included. 

Selecting Right Institution

The foremost step toward permanent residency through study is choosing the right institution and course. Select the qualifications in the New Zealand qualification framework as these are set by the testament of New Zealand  your eligibility for permanent rest. Sectors in high demand, such as healthcare, engineering, and IT, offer excellent post-study working visas and residency opportunities. 

After Completed Study Working  Visa

After your studies are completed, you are eligible for a post-study working visa, which permits you to work in New Zealand for  3 years, depending on your qualifications. This work visa is essential as it gives you the opportunity to gain the benefits you deserve and gives you many options in the residency application procedure. For deep information visit new zealand student visa consultants

What are the requirements For a Working Visa?

  • Complete the qualification in New Zealand. 
  • Application   within 3 months  of  completing the  course.

Gain Relevant Working  Experience

Educational consultants suggest that gaining a skilled job is a crucial step toward permanent residency. The post-study work visa emphasizes protecting the job, which compares the qualifications and is on the longer-term skill shortage list. Employment in the industries with skill shortages will likely go to the best residency application. 

Apply for a Residence Visa

Once you attain a skilled job, you can apply for a resident visa under the skilled migrant category. It is a process where points are gained based on the following factors: experience, age, qualifications, and employment offer. 

At least 150 points are needed.

Point-based systems are based on age, educational background, and working experience in New Zealand. 

Participating  to the Community

Participating in the domestic community can improve permanent residency.  Volunteer work, contributing to domestic events, and building a network within your study can strengthen the application by showing commitment to the New Zealand community. 

Proficiency In English Language 

English skills are essential for the permanent residency application. Ensure that language requirements are met, as proven by standard tests like the TOEFL and IELTS. 

Know The Requirements For Health and Character 

Permanent residency meets with particular character and health requirements. This includes a medical examination and certification of police clearance to make sure you can participate effectively in the New Zealand community. 


The way to permanent residency through study includes considerable scheduling, dedication, and meeting particular criteria.   Opt for the right course, gain related working experience, and complete residency needs; international students can change from education to permanent residence,  opening the door to a sound life in New Zealand.


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