8 Best Modern Furniture you Must Have in Your Home

Furniture adds a soul to the whole design of your home. Along with lightning, wall paint colours, artworks choosing the right furniture is equally important to make your home beautiful and lively. Whether you are renovating your bedroom, living room, study room or even if it’s a little corner of your room adding modern furniture plays a big role. The designs, the minimalist patterns and the colours used to make modern furniture gives a sophisticated look. In this blog we’ll know about the best modern furniture pieces to bring in your home and give a makeover to your home.

1. Fifties low cabinet-

This furniture is the best piece of designer storage. This cabinet has rounded edges and wraps the storage space giving the perfect elegant vibe. It has space for keeping all the little things. It is the best option for the living room and will add warmth to the space.

2. Fifties Bed-

The Fifties bed is a perfect timeless vintage charm for your bedroom. It is inspired from the mid-century modern home decor. The designs and details come with a headboard side and back panels making it comfortable for your back when you are sitting reading a book or for leisurely afternoons or for scrolling your phone.

3. Fifties sofa-

This sofa will give a vintage vibe to your living room. The curves and free-flowing form is inspired by retro designs. It is a timeless piece of furniture to add to your house. Choosing the right colours that will go with your wall paint will elevate your living space.

4. Nelson Side Table-

It is a petite side table and is stylish. This furniture blends well with the modern interior designs. This Nelson Side Table is a sculptural piece and is exquisitely crafted from solid stone. It is highly durable and is an eye-catching piece. The side table is perfect for the living room and for bedrooms. Place decorative table lamps, books or vases to make it look more sophisticated. Place an armchair to the side of your side table to make it look more aesthetic.

5. Harper Beds-

This is an upholstered king size bed that will add a charm to the bedroom. Its crisp lines and luxuriously padded makes it look gorgeous as well as comfortable. The plush headboard is relaxing for book lovers and for people who love scrolling phones.

6. Nelson Sofa-

The Nelson is a three-seater vintage sofa . Adding it to the living room will add warmth to your living room. This is a classy piece with antique metal legs. This furniture is inspired from italy designs and is a masterpiece to add in your space.

7. Bowie Dining Table –

The Bowie Dining Table is an exquisitely pierced antique brass base. It has a royal layer upon layer of jaali-inspired design that makes it look like playful twists and turns. The pristine stone design makes it look gorgeous and adds a luxurious touch to your dining space.

8. Bowie Night Table-

This table is a perfect example of modern design furniture.This exquisite table has a solid stone base. It makes the space look more elegant and adds a charm to the overall design. The drawers are sleek and the finishing is eye-catching.


Modern furniture not only adds a charm to your house but choosing the right ones can make people admire it. Choose furniture that will go with your preference. Buying it online can be a little confusing so you can check out Sunday Design furniture store in delhi. It is an offline as well as online brand making it convenient for the customers.


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