Who Was Alvin Bud Brown? Wiki, Biography, Death, Crime, Wife

Who Was Alvin Bud Brown? Wiki, Biography, Death, Crime, Wife

Alvin Bud Brown was a convicted serial killer responsible for the murders of four women. With an extensive criminal record involving robbery, rape, and various offenses, Alvin Bud portrayed a different facade to his family.

Described by his wife as a typical and caring family man, he appeared to be an excellent husband, and she was devoted to him. In 1991, authorities arrested Alvin at his home, shocking his wife upon learning the grave allegations against him. Unaware of the dark and terrifying secret he had been hiding, she had held admiration for Alvin until the truth came to light.

As reported by his partner, Alvin was a considerate individual who resided in Portland with his wife. The year 1991 marked his arrest at home, and his significant other was thoroughly surprised upon learning the allegations against him. Unfortunately, details about Alvin Bud’s life are limited, as his Wikipedia page is inaccessible, providing scant information.

Despite being described as a family man in Portland, Alvin’s association with multiple murders, thefts, and assaults is noted. His 1991 apprehension was linked to suspicion of assaulting a 15-year-old high school girl, identified in authorities’ released photos as having an earthy appearance.

Quick Facts

Full NameAlvin Bud Brown
Popular ForMurderer, Rapist
Age Died at the age of 47
Date of Birth28 November 1998
Zodiac signCapricorn
Birth PlaceUnited States

Alvin Bud Brown Age

The precise birth date of Alvin Bud Brown remains undisclosed. However, he was present, and reports suggest that he was approximately 47 years old at the time of his death.

Alvin Bud Brown Wife, Marriage

Alvin Bud Brown was wed to Jackie Brown, and together, they resided in Portland. Jackie described their marriage as thriving, expressing that she believed her husband to be the most kind, caring, and loving person she had ever encountered.

Alvin Bud Brown’s Death

Alvin Bud Brown passed away from natural causes in 2002. Notably, authorities held a strong suspicion of his involvement in the Portland killings, leading to a prison sentence of nearly 69 years. Brown died of natural causes while still serving his sentence in 2002.

Alvin Bud Brown’s Charges

In 1981, Alvin Bud Brown was convicted of the murders in Portland. He was also charged with robbery and theft, and he was sentenced to prison for attempting to murder two women. He also raped and sexually assaulted a 15-year-old high school student.

He was apprehended and charged after the girl recognized him in a series of photographs. Alvin was convicted on all counts. Alvin was arrested outside his home on Thanksgiving Day in 1991.


  • Alvin Bud Brown, a notorious serial killer, faced charges related to the murders of four women.
  • His extensive criminal history included offenses such as robbery, rape, and various other crimes.
  • Despite this dark past, Alvin’s wife described him as a seemingly typical and caring family man, portraying him as an excellent husband to whom she devoted herself.
  • In 1991, Alvin was apprehended on suspicion of assaulting a 15-year-old high school girl. He remained incarcerated until his death in 2002, succumbing to natural causes.


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