Andrew Santino Said That He And His Wife Had No Intention Of Marrying

Andrew Santino Said That He And His Wife Had No Intention Of Marrying

In April 2019, American stand-up comedian Andrew Santino revealed that when he and his wife began dating, they had no plans of getting married.

Both Santino and his wife despised their therapist.

Santino, a married man, prefers to keep his marriage private but often mentions his wife in interviews. The stand-up comedian candidly discussed his marriage on the Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings in April 2019.

Their relationship started as a friendship, and now they’ve been married for nearly four years. Santino emphasized that even after this time, they share a healthy bond without any awkward silences when together. When asked on the podcast about recognizing his wife as “the one,” he recalled a particular moment that solidified his feelings.

Initially, neither Santino nor his wife had plans to marry; their focus was primarily on their careers. Throughout their relationship, they attended couples’ counseling to address various concerns, albeit jokingly expressing their dislike for their therapist’s ‘vibe.’

During one counseling session, a sudden moment of laughter amidst an intense discussion made Santino realize their connection. The incident, where they burst into laughter at an unexpected noise outside the window, showed him that she shared his sense of humor and confirmed she was the one. He mentioned that any disagreements they had were mostly due to misunderstandings, easily resolved through apologies.

Their successful relationship, devoid of dull moments, stems from their shared engagement in their respective careers and their differing interests, allowing them to complement each other.

Rumors of Santino Gay

There have been rumors circulating about Santino’s sexuality, particularly following a tweet where he joked about getting married to his buddy Chris D’Elia.

During an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Santino shared that his favorite online rumor about himself was the speculation that he is homosexual.

He and D’Elia have humorously embraced and played along with this assumption after a photo and tweet sparked the initial speculation. This light-hearted approach helped them find humor in the situation.


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