BMW Owners Ditch Waze

Waze Is Broken On Android Auto, BMW Owners Are Switching To Google Maps

BMW Owners Encounter Waze Glitch on Android Auto’s Head-Up Display

BMW drivers have long enjoyed the convenience of having essential information, including navigation guidance, projected onto their head-up displays through Android Auto. However, recent reports suggest that a glitch is causing frustration for those attempting to use Waze directions on this integrated display.

BMW Owners Ditch Waze

The problem appears to be centered around Waze, as users are encountering a “calculating route” message instead of the expected turn-by-turn directions. This glitch is specific to Android Auto’s head-up display integration and is not affecting Google Maps, suggesting that the issue lies either with Waze or Android Auto‘s compatibility with the navigation app.

The affected BMW models span from the 2020 BMW 4 Series to the 2022 3 Series, indicating that the problem is not limited to a particular model year.

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Users have expressed their concerns on Google’s forums, with a Google Community Specialist engaging in the discussion to gather more information. As of now, there is no official fix or patch for the glitch, leaving BMW owners with limited options to address the problem.

Downgrading Waze or Android Auto versions has not proven to be a viable solution, indicating that the issue is more complex and requires Google’s attention to resolve.

While waiting for an official fix, the workaround for BMW owners is to run Waze on the vehicle’s infotainment screen using the traditional Android Auto interface. While this may not be as convenient as having the information projected onto the head-up display, it ensures that Waze remains functional for navigation.

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Waze, known for its community-driven traffic reporting system, continues to be a popular choice for Android and iPhone users. The app empowers drivers by allowing them to report incidents such as accidents, road hazards, and speed traps, enhancing overall road safety and predictability.

While the glitch has caused some inconvenience, Google’s development teams are known to address such issues over time, though the exact timeline for a resolution remains uncertain. In the meantime, users may find solace in using Google Maps, a reliable alternative that offers stable turn-by-turn navigation without the reporting capabilities of Waze.

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