Chloe Fineman Is Rumored To Be Dating Casey Thomas Brown

Chloe Fineman is well-versed in the realm of comedy, earning her livelihood as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. However, when she announced her intention to marry her closest friend, Casey Thomas Brown, two interesting developments occurred.

Firstly, her statement was taken seriously by a majority of venues and newspapers. Secondly, there was a widespread assumption that Brown had been her boyfriend all along, given their close relationship and the significant time they spent together.

Despite the assumption making sense due to their strong bond and attractive compatibility, there was a minor complication: Brown is gay. Chloe Fineman eventually clarified the situation, revealing in an interview with Vulture that the Instagram live wedding she had with her closest friend was a playful fabrication.

When questioned about being quarantined with her “fiancé,” Fineman explained, “My ‘fiancé’ is my gay best friend Casey in Montana, but I’m with my boyfriend.” Although Fineman made efforts to set the record straight, it appears that not everyone received the memo.

Chloe Fineman Surprised by the Responses

Indeed, Fineman was surprised by the number of people, including major media outlets, who took her statements at face value, resulting in a slew of serious headlines.

“It really blew my mind. And we were dressed in mullet wigs! He intentionally made the flyer look bad,” she reflected. “And they were like, ‘SNL’s Chloe Fineman Is Marrying!'”

Fineman also mentioned that numerous journalists reached out to her SNL publicists. Despite the publicists clarifying that the wedding was a playful deception, certain skeptical media outlets opted to proceed with the story. Fineman’s knack for compelling performance is evident.

“I guess they assumed I wanted a funny wedding, and I will want that when I get married,” she continued.

Fineman contemplated the possibility of Brown’s acting skills being instrumental in successfully selling the entire charade. After all, he did shed tears throughout the mock wedding.

The Idea for an Instagram Wedding

She mentioned being inspired to pull off the wedding prank after witnessing a real-life wedding on Instagram. Feeling that the entire setup was absurd and being somewhat bored in isolation, the SNL actress made a few phone calls to friends such as Drew Droege, Brown, Hannah Pilkes, and Sarah Baker. Surprisingly, they managed to organize the entire mock wedding in less than a day.

Her partner, who shared the quarantine with her, found the situation amusing. “He sighed and rolled his eyes. He was relieved that I finally had something to do,” Fineman shared, referring to her real-life partner. However, she declined to reveal whether she harbored any serious intentions of tying the knot beyond the prank. Just to clarify, she mentioned that if a real wedding were to happen, it would not be broadcast on Instagram. Despite this, the identity of Fineman’s true partner remains unknown to most people.


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