Pigmentation Problems

Common Pigmentation Problems and How Natural Skincare Products May Help

Pigmentation determines the color of a person’s skin. The amount and type of melanin in the body determine pigmentation. However, some people suffer from pigmentation issues, such as depigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Acne, sun exposure, and autoimmune conditions might also alter the melanin in the body and the skin pigmentation. How can a person address the pigmentation changes? 

Understanding Melanin

Melanin determines a person’s skin tone. Melanocytes inside the skin’s outer layer produce this substance. Melanin comes in two basic types: eumelanin and pheomelanin. Eumelanin protects the skin from UV rays, while pheomelanin can support UV ray damage. The makeup between the two types of melanin in the body determines the person’s skin pigmentation. However, genetics also play a role in this process. A person with a skin pigmentation disorder can better understand what they are dealing with when they have this information. It will also help them choose products from Lemon & Beaker that may help them address their condition. 


An abnormally low melanin amount leads to skin that is lighter in color. Hypopigmentation might be the result of a past injury to the skin. Anyone with burns, blisters, sun exposure, or skin ulcers must watch for skin color changes. The same applies when exposed to chemicals or have an infection. In addition, eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions can lead to hypopigmentation. Many people find this condition improves naturally over time, and natural skincare products can be used while the skin heals. 


Some people’s skin loses all pigmentation and turns white. Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition that can cause depigmentation. Depigmentation may start with small, white patches appearing on the skin. Over time, the patches grow in size. Hair may also prematurely whiten or gray, and the mucous membranes may lose color. A doctor might recommend several treatments to address depigmentation. 

The doctor might dye the white patches of skin or give the patient light-sensitive medicines. Light therapies and prescription creams help many men and women. In severe cases, surgery may be recommended. 


Hyperpigmentation leads to dark patches of skin. These patches develop when certain areas have abnormally high levels of melanin or pigments. Birthmarks are an example of hyperpigmentation. However, age spots and acne scars may also lead to this condition. Pregnant women may develop melasma, known as the mask of pregnancy, and those with Addison’s disease might develop this condition. 

Nevertheless, many other things can cause hyperpigmentation. Certain prescription medications, including some birth control pills, can lead to changes in melanin production within the body, and sun exposure may also cause these changes. Fortunately, doctors offer several treatment options to help address this condition. 

Topical medications benefit many men and women struggling with hyperpigmentation. Dermatologists might also recommend dermabrasion, chemical peels, or cryotherapy. Many people today benefit from light or laser therapy, and some find time the best healer. Women who develop dark spots during pregnancy frequently find they fade after the baby is born. 

Many things can lead to skin pigmentation issues. Some factors, such as sun exposure, can be controlled. Others, such as genetics, cannot. Talk with a skin specialist to learn the cause of skin pigmentation discoloration and develop a treatment plan. Over-the-counter products benefit many, while others need more intensive treatments. Please talk with a dermatologist to find the best action to address the problem promptly before it worsens. 


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