Cost to hire an Android App Development Company

Cost to hire an Android App Development Company

With smartphones being used by more than 70% of people across the globe, app development has become a necessity for businesses. However, users might ditch the app if it is not built up to the mark. According to a report by Gartner, 9,999 out of every 10,000 apps fail to perform according to the standards. Hence, it becomes even more difficult tohire Android app developers in order to make your idea into reality.

However, it becomes difficult to hire a professional Android app development company with a reasonable pricing policy. Because, these companies sometimes charge irrationally given the numerous factors that affect the cost of developing an Android app.

To keep you informed about the same and help in making the decisions, we’ve curated this blog for your convenience.

Why Should You Hire an Android App Development Company?

1.   Greater Possibilities

An Android app development company can tap into a vast market of users looking for innovative apps to make their lives easier. By focusing on Android app development and leveraging creativity and resources, startups can unlock numerous growth opportunities.

2.   Increased Productivity

A professional Android app development company can save time and effort by utilizing existing code libraries, rather than starting from scratch. This not only speeds up the development process but also saves money, ultimately leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

3.   An Increase in Returns on Investment

Android’s open-source nature makes it cost-effective for development, with free access to software development kits (SDK) and resources. The availability of skilled Android developers further enhances the ROI potential, making it a profitable investment for companies.

4.   Global App Distribution

Android allows complete control over app distribution, enabling companies to target specific markets and decide on pricing strategies. This flexibility gives companies full control over their app’s market presence and allows them to steer their development efforts as desired.

5.   Applications with Function

Android offers extensive customization options, allowing Android app development companies to create dynamic and feature-rich applications. By leveraging development technologies and frameworks, Android developers can build interactive apps with strong user interfaces, ultimately improving user experience and potentially increasing revenue.

6.   Scalability of the Projects

Skilled Android developers from a top-notch company can design apps capable of accommodating increasing user demands and evolving functionalities, ensuring long-term viability and user satisfaction.

7.   Flexible and innovative development approach

Android’s open-source nature enables developers to tailor applications to specific business requirements, fostering innovation and differentiation in a competitive market.

8.   Major Share in the Market

Leveraging Android’s dominant position in the smartphone market allows Android app development companies to target a broad audience, enhancing product reach and interaction potential.

9.   Future Preparedness

By hiring a proficient Android app development company, businesses position themselves to capitalize on emerging technologies like 5G, ensuring readiness for future digital advancements and market demands.

How much does it cost to hire an Android app development company?

Android’s open and expansive ecosystem attracts developers due to its flexibility and accessibility compared to iOS. Before discussing costs, understanding the requirements for hiring an Android app development company is crucial. They must excel in providing clear, adaptable code, with a strong grasp of backend development and the Android SDK. Proficiency in using APIs for seamless integration is also essential.

App development costs vary based on factors like functionality, platforms targeted, integration points, visual elements, features, and maintenance needs. Benchmarks suggest low-complexity apps may cost $40,000 to $60,000, while medium to complex projects range from $61,000 to over $120,000.

Geographical location also influences costs, with rates varying globally.

  • North America: $35 – $80/hour
  • Latin America: $30 – $70/hour
  • Northern Europe: $40 – $80/hour
  • Western Europe: $35 – $70/hour
  • Middle East: $25 – $50/hour
  • Africa: $15 – $40/hour
  • Eastern Asia: $20 – $60/hour
  • Southeast Asia: $35 – $80/hour
  • Canada: $71/hour

Overall, the combination of certain factors helps estimate the cost of hiring an Android app development company and the subsequent app development process. Read further to understand the factors.

Factors influencing the cost of hiring an Android App Development

1.   Qualifications of the development team

When you’re hiring someone to make an app, you need to know what skills you’re looking for. Different skills cost different amounts of money, so you have to think about what’s most important for your app. For example, if you want an Android app development company who’s really good at making the app easy to use (UX design), they might cost more. So, it’s about finding the right balance between getting the skills you need and sticking to your budget.

2.   Experience level of the developers

Another major factor that influences the cost of hiring an Android app development company. Balancing developer experience levels impacts hiring costs. While senior developers command higher salaries, they deliver high-quality code swiftly. Mid-level developers offer moderate rates but may require more time. Junior developers cost less but necessitate supervision and training. A strategic blend of senior, mid-level and junior developers can optimize costs while maintaining code quality and efficiency.

3.   Location of your development company

Expanding your hiring reach to offshore locations offers a strategic approach to managing costs while hiring an Android app development company. By tapping into talent pools in countries with lower living expenses, you can access top-tier professionals at competitive rates. This approach optimizes resources and fosters competitiveness, particularly compared to recruiting from pricey tech hubs like Silicon Valley. Moreover, paying above-average salaries in offshore locations still yields substantial savings. However, it’s crucial to assess logistical challenges and potential trade-offs to ensure a balanced decision that aligns with your business objectives.

4.   Technology stack

The hourly rate of the Android app development company is closely related with the tech stack of your project. Proficiency in specialized or rare technologies incurs higher costs, especially with more features and integrations. Implementing cross-platform frameworks like Flutter or React Native offers a cost-saving strategy by streamlining development efforts and reducing the need for additional tools and teams. This approach optimizes expenses while ensuring efficient application development across multiple platforms.

5.   App complexity and design specifications

The complexity of an Android app significantly influences development costs, encompassing deployment architecture decisions and third-party integrations. Furthermore, design elements like branding, animation, and visuals can impact expenses. Each aspect adds layers of intricacy, potentially raising overall development costs. Careful consideration of these factors is essential to manage expenses effectively while meeting design and functionality objectives.

Wrapping Up

So, it’s clear that the demand for Android app development services is skyrocketing and not going to stop anytime soon. In fact, creating an Android app isn’t confined to a mere project, rather it’s an investment. The secret behind your investment is hiring the best Android app development company with the right expertise and experience.

If you might not know, 78% of the users would abandon an app if it fails on performance. Your developers are moreover the pillars of a seamless user experience. Whether you’re interested in Android app development or any other type of app development services compatible with iOS, Flutter, or React Native, it’s best to hire a full-cycle mobile app development company.

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