Decoding Loafers: How, When & Where to Wear Them! 

Women’s fashion has evolved a lot with time, and new types of accessories are introduced every now and then. In this constantly evolving industry, if there is one type of footwear that has stood the test of time is a pair of loafers, also called moccasins. Women find them very comfortable and stylish at the same time. They can easily be worn with so many outfits on so many occasions and are truly an investment for your wardrobe. Today, we will talk about carrying these amazing footwear on different occasions with different outfits. 

Where and When to wear loafers? 

These are such versatile footwear that can be worn in different settings and on so many occasions. Let’s take a look at where all can these shoes be worn: 

A Casual Day Out

Moccasins are amazing for everyday casual wear, and they can easily be paired with a number of bottoms. They pair well with chinos, jeans and shorts and give that perfect laid back casual look. 

Business Casuals 

If someone is working in a corporate office these footwear are perfect for business casual dress codes. They look polished along with being super comfortable for all day wear. 

Presentations & Meetings 

Whenever there is a big presentation at work, women find themselves eyeing their pointiest pumps to look super polished, but we suggest that might be a bad idea. It is a controversial opinion, but just hear us out once. If you have an important event or presentation at work, chances are you are going to be standing, walking, or even running around a lot. In such a situation, you have to find something that is both formal and comfortable. Loafers are truly perfect for these events in every sense.  

Weekend Outings & Gatherings 

Moccasins can compliment your weekend outfits very nicely. You can wear them on brunches and dinners with your friends and family, and they will never disappoint. They are also perfect because you can run errands on the way to these gatherings without worrying about feeling uncomfortable with all the walking involved. 


Everyone wants to be comfortable while travelling as there is usually a lot of moving around involved. These shoes can keep you comfortable while looking stylish during your travels. They are perfect for sightseeing, shopping sprees, cafe hopping, etc. They are also super easy to slip in and out of in case of security checks or if you simply want to feel the grass or sand under your feet during your adventures. 

Events with smart casual dress codes 

There are many events that have smart casual dress codes. Events like gallery exhibhits, out of office gatherings, and a cocktail party are best suited for wearing loafers. You can pair them with many outfits easily especially if you buy them in neutral colors. 

College or Campus Wear

If you are a college or high school student looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for daily campus wear, then loafers are your best bet. They are comfortable and match well with casual outfits. They are also great as they give the vibe that you have put in some effort while dressing up without actually having to. 

Outfit Ideas With These Shoes 

Chic Casual Look 

You can pair skinny jeans with an oversized sweater along with slip-on leather loafers. Add a pair of hoop earrings and a leather cross-body bag that matches your footwear to complete the look. You can roll up your jeans a little and wear an anklet to highlight your footwear and give that oomph to your outfit. 

Elegant Office Outfit 

A pair of navy-coloured tailored cigarette pants look really elegant with a white button down blouse. Add a pair of classic leather loafers in beige to this look and you will definitely be one of the best-dressed women on the team. You can complete this look with stud earrings, a minimalist watch and of course your trusty office tote. 

Fall Outfit 

Wear high-waisted trousers with a turtleneck sweater, and tuck the sweater in. Add a pair of loafers in burgundy or forest green to complement the colour scheme of the season. You can add a patterned scarf or a wool coat as per the temperature outside, along with a structured bag. This look is perfect for going out with your friends or even on a date. 

Brunch With Your Girls Outfit 

If you are going out with your girls, you need to wear something casual but look put together. The perfect outfit for this is a midi wrap dress with a cropped denim jacket as an outer layer. Wear a pair of suede loafers in a nude shade and complete the look with a floppy hat and a straw bag. This outfit will be super comfortable and super stylish at the same time. 

Stylish Evening Look 

Wear a sleek basic in a solid shade and add a fitted single-breasted blazer over it. Add a pair of slip-on moccasins with embellishment on the top to add a touch of glam to this outfit. Add a pair of statement earrings and a blingy clutch purse to complete the look. You can wear this ensemble to any party, and you will never look out of place. It is best suited to parties with a semi-formal dress code. 


Loafers are a non-negotiable footwear option in the wardrobe of women, with the kind of versatility and style it has to offer. They are appropriate for women from all age groups, whether they are studying, working or anything else. If you are looking forward to adding this footwear to your wardrobe, then you should definitely check out the latest collection by Novo Shoes NZ. They are high-quality and stylish footwear and will definitely be worth every penny you spend on them. 


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