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Discover the Best Phillip Island Day Tour: Fun Safaris To Make You Livе And Knocking Your socks off

If you feel that you are sick and tired of the urban landscape of Melbourne and just craving to get away, the best way to do this is by taking a Phillip Island day tour. Prosing from beautiful sceneries to bizarre animals and equally adventurous ac Activities, Phillip Island is a paradise for all individuals. Whether you are a lover of nature and wildlife, an adrenaline junkie, or just an individual who wants to have fun and enjoy their free time at the beach this island will offer you a day of fun.

Why This Phillip Island Day Tour?

Yes, Phillip Island I must say is a beautiful place for the tourists and a day trip to Phillip Island is one of the best that one can make. Here’s why a Phillip Island day tour should be on your travel list:What makes a Phillip Island day tour essential on your travel/ Checklist?

Penguin Parade: Join the swimming of the smallest of all Penguins in the evening before they get to the shore. This phenomenon is perhaps the major attraction of Phillip Island and tourists should ensure that they are present to watch the event.

Koala Conservation Centre: Learn more about Australian wildlife especially the marsupials from close range.

Nobbies Centre: Take a trip and enjoy the wild and spectacular coast and sea and know more about the flora and fauna of the area.

Adventure Activities: Other exciting activities that will be of interest include Go-Karting, wildlife cruises and so much much more.

  • Things to Note When Taking a Phillip Island Private Tour:

If the travellers would want to be geeky and more inclined to the naturally occurring places, then Phillip Island private tour is for you. Here’s what you can expect:To that end, here is what one can anticipate:

Customized Itinerary: Your tour can be as clear and detailed as you’d like it to be: wildlife, photo, or let’s find some really ‘wacky’ locations.

Exclusive Access: Yes, one stands the chance of enjoying some places almost to his/her own instead of having to jostle others as it is when visiting some of the popular attractions.

Personal Guide: Tackle the challenge of Hawaii with the help of a private guide who would give numerous facts and historical background of the place.

Flexible Schedule: The flexibility to educate the tourists that they can spend as much or as little time as they want at each of the attractions in detail of their choice and ensure that they do not rush into the next one, so as to make it an enjoyable experience for them.

  • Sights You Should Not Miss During Your Phillip Island Tour:

Phillip Island Nature Parks: Local attractions of which are the Penguin Parade, Koala Conservation Centre and the historical Churchill Island Heritage Farm.

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit: Experience that motorsports and racing adrenaline that is associated with race cars on this track where they gained fame.

Cape Woolamai: Visit the peak of the island which has great views and quite a few paths for a great hike.

Wildlife Coast Cruises: Also, a cruise will also provide a view of seals and even dolphins and there is always a high chance of seeing the whales especially when they are in their migratory seasons.

  • FAQs:

Q: When is the recommended time to go to Phillip Island? 

A: The most favourable period for tours is in the summertime from December to February, because of the warm climate and intensive animal movements. But the possibilities are rather specific and the island is interesting for tourists any time of the year.

Q: What is the best means of transport to use from Melbourne to Phillip Island? 

A: One needs to know that Phillip Island is approximately 90 minutes drive away from Melbourne.Several operators of tours are also available and they also provide some means of transport.

Q: Can Phillip Island tours be considered as Family friendly?

 A: Absolutely! Therefore, Phillip Island tours contain extended activities that are suitable for children as well as for adults, proving to be an ideal place for families.

Q: What I wanted to know especially is whether one can book for a private tour on the same day.

 A: One should book the private tour well in advance because that would guarantee the availability of the tour especially in the busy season.

Q: What should I pack if I am going for a Phillip Island day tour? 

A: Clothing that is easy to move in, UV protection sunscreen, a hat or cap, water and optionally a camera to capture the view and the animals.

  • Conclusion:

Deciding to go on a Phillip Island day tour or even getting a Phillip Island private tour ensures your day would be filled with fun, leisure and memories that are unforgettable. This is true because Phillip Island boasts of a rich wildlife with cute penguins to the beautiful sceneries that will make any visitor yearn to come back again for more. Tour details and itinerary can be discussed on a freelance basis with the tour agency’s manager Hire our services today and explore the glances of Phillip Island.


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