Dog Bite Prevention Tips 

When you are taking a walk in the park or just walking to your office through your usual route, you are likely to find a dog in any area of Utah. Even though it might be tempting to pet every dog you see, it can be dangerous to approach dogs that do not know you. Dogs of certain breeds or ones who are engaged in activities can also be dangerous to touch. 

No matter how dog-friendly you might consider yourself, it is never safe to touch or pet them without their approval. Any dog is capable of biting, even the smallest ones. Dog bites can result in severe injuries. Plus, there are tons of dogs in Utah. If you were bitten by one, you need a Utah personal injury lawyer to build your case. Meanwhile, read the blog to find out some dog bite prevention tips. 

Dog bite prevention tips 

  1. Remain calm and keep your body still. 

If you see a dog coming towards you, it is very important not to run or make any sudden movements. Chances are that they are curious and want to check if you pose a threat or danger. Doing any sudden movements can alert them and make them want to attack you. On the other hand, if you remain calm, that will assure them that you are safe to be around. 

  1. Learn to read canine body language. 

If you are a dog lover, you should invest some time and energy into learning about a dog’s body language and what each gesture might mean. One of the common misconceptions is that if a dog wags its tail, it is happy, and if it is stiff, it is angry and dangerous. If a dog if exhibiting the following signs, back off and let them relax:

  • Yawning 
  • Head turn
  • Drooling 
  • Tense jaw
  • Low tail carriage 
  • Lip licking 
  • Body freezing
  • Furrowed brow
  • Shaking
  • Sweaty paws

Some cues are difficult to read, and some may be misread. Be careful regardless of how you interpret body language. 

  1. First, present your hand.

Instead of sitting down with your whole body to pet the dog, introduce the back of your hand to them first and let them sniff it. Dogs interpret the presence of danger through smells. Never touch their nose or the top of their heads without doing this first if you do not want to get attacked. 

  1. Avert your gaze. 

Staring directly at the dog is never a good idea because that might make them feel like you are challenging them. It will make them feel uncomfortable, and they will try to become defensive. 

When encountering dogs, safety should be your first priority. If you were careful and someone else’s dog still attacked you, the owner might be liable. Contact a dog bite attorney today!


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