Dream Car Turned Junk? 1967 Pontiac Firebird Rescued from Forest

In 1967, the coupe variant of the Firebird continued to be the standout model, constituting over 67,000 units out of the total 82,560 cars produced by Pontiac for this series.

1967 Pontiac

The popularity of convertibles was on the rise during its production, with a total of 15,528 units being produced.

Recently, a 1967 Firebird that was discovered in a forest is now seeking a new owner on eBay in hopes of receiving a second chance at life. From the photos, it’s evident that the Firebird has endured many years in the forest and has succumbed to rust and deterioration. The body is severely damaged, missing parts, and heavily rusted.

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While the interior is in relatively better condition, there’s no information provided about the engine. However, it would be a rarity if it had the 400 Ram Air configuration, as only 65 units were produced with this powertrain in 1967.

Most commonly, the Firebird came with the standard 326 engine, with approximately 40,100 units produced with this setup. The 326 HO was rarer, found in around 6,000 units, while the 400 V8 was a popular option, installed in 18,632 Firebirds for that year.

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Restoring this Firebird to roadworthy condition would be a daunting task, so it will likely end up as a parts car. The auction is ongoing, with the highest bid exceeding $200, and there’s no reserve price set. The vehicle is located in Warminster, Pennsylvania, and will need to be transported on a trailer by the buyer.

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