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EeVe Tesoro Price In India 2023, Launch Date, Features, Specifications, Colours Waiting Time, and More

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The Bosch hub motor that propels the EeVe Tesoro allows for a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour (km/h). EeVe says that their electric motorcycle can travel 120 kilometers on a single charge and that it can be fully charged in 30 minutes with the optional quick charging feature. Charging the eclectic battery the traditional way takes about three to four hours. The bike has a dual-battery configuration, with one of the batteries being removable.

The EeVe Tesoro is an electric motorcycle with a mono-shock in the back and an inverted front fork. Disc brakes are installed at both the front and rear. The October 2023 release date marks EeVe’s target for the bike’s introduction, with a price tag of approximately Rs 1 lakh (ex-showroom).

EeVe Tesoro 2023 Price

There is now only a small selection of electric motorcycles available from the Indian company EeVe. Then, those are directly adapted from a few Chinese EVs and may look familiar to individuals with a shady familiarity with the EeVe electric vehicle scenario. After that, the Odisha EV brand considers Tesoro and Forsett to be particularly close to its heart because they represent the best of what the company has to offer as a rising star in the Indian auto market.

At Auto Expo 2023, an Indian manufacturer of electric two-wheelers introduced a new electric motorcycle. This is the first new electric motorcycle from EeVe in India, and it’s called the Tesoro. High-end technology and cutting-edge features are standard on the EeVe Tesoro. The LED lights and the bike’s instrument panel are also high-tech. The manufacturer claims that a full charge of the electric scooter would give you a range of 120 kilometers. The Tesoro electric bike can reach speeds of up to 90-100 kph. With a five-year warranty on the two-wheeler and a three-year warranty on the battery, the EeVe India company plans to sell them for Rs 1 lakh.

EeVe Tesoro
EeVe Tesoro

EeVe Tesoro 2023 Details

Name of the vehicle Company EeVe Tesoro
Vehicle Name New EeVe Tesoro
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EeVe Tesoro Price In India 2023

In India, the release date for the EeVe Tesoro is pegged for October 2023, and the car is likely to retail for around 1 Lakh rupees at that time. The estimated cost of the new motorcycle is approximately Rs 1.00 Lakh.

EeVe Tesoro Launch Date

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We anticipate releasing the EeVe Tesoro bicycle in the fall of 2023, perhaps in October.

EeVe Tesoro Features

The EeVe Tesoro has a fully functional instrument cluster and both front and rear LED lights. The manufacturer claims that this bike’s battery can be fully charged in 3–4 hours or just 30 minutes with the rapid charger. The electric scooter has a 100-kilometer range, while the motorcycle has a 120-kilometer range on a single charge. These are the company’s stated numbers; actual ride times will likely be shorter. Although its top speed is limited to around 60–70 km/h, the Tesoro will be capable of speeds of up to 100 km/h.

The eccentric bike is propelled by a Bosch hub motor, and it supposedly reaches speeds of 90 to 100kph. According to EeVe, the electric motorcycle can travel 120 kilometers on a single charge, and a full charge takes only 30 minutes using the optional quick charger. When charged in the standard manner, the battery needs around three to four hours to reach full capacity. There are two batteries in total, and one of them is removable, powering the bike.

Fast Charging Yes
EeVe Tesoro
EeVe Tesoro

EeVe Tesoro Specifications

Each EeVe Tesoro is equipped with two lithium-ion batteries that Bosch provided. After that, you can change out the power packs as needed. According to EeVe India, a full charge takes 3.5–4 hours, but with the quick charger, it’s ready to go in just 30 minutes. The maximum speed of the electric motorcycle is 90–100 kph, and it has a range of 120 km.

Range 120 km/charge
Motor Type BLDC
Charging Time 3 – 4 Hours
Body Type Electric Bikes

Chassis and Suspension

Body Type Electric Bikes


Top Speed 90-100 kmph

Motor & Battery

When using the standard charger, EeVe says it takes 3-4 hours to fully charge the battery, but the fast charger can do it in just 30 minutes. Since this is a purported any-time phone number, testing will be required before we can verify it. The battery life is guaranteed for three years, and the product itself is guaranteed for five years by the manufacturer.

Motor Type BLDC
Drive Type Hub motor


Claimed Range 120 km/charge


Charging At Home No
Charging At Charging Station No

Waiting Time For EeVe Tesoro 

The length of time you must wait for the EeVe Tesoro to arrive is mostly determined by your current location. A further important consideration is the demand for the Tesoro in question among the takers. If an EeVe is in high demand, there may be a significant wait. Typically, the wait time for an EeVe motorcycle is only three months.

How To Book EeVe Tesoro Online?

In anticipation of EeVe Tesoro, how do you feel? Certainly, you’re not alone if that’s the case. It is our mission to inform you that the highly anticipated online shoe store will debut in India this year. If you want to know what to expect from the store, keep an eye out for announcements and reviews once it opens. See the EeVe Tesoro’s complete features, available hues, and anticipated delivery date here while you wait. To everybody who go shopping:

  • Visit the official website
  • Select your chosen motorcycle or Scooty product.
  • Fill in your state, city, and then the motorcycle that is the closest to you.
  • Enter your contact information to speak with a Motorcycle representative.
  • Payment the online booking fee and finish the online payment process to reserve an EeVe.
  • Your bike is booked online.


India Wheeler, a manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, debuted a brand-new electric motorcycle at the Auto Expo 2020. In India, the EeVe Tesoro is the first brand-new electric bike from the firm. High-end technology and cutting-edge features are standard on the EeVe Tesoro. EeVe Tesoro features an electronic instrument panel and LED lighting throughout. Scooty claims a 120-kilometer range on a full charge for its electric model. Tesoro electric motorcycles may reach speeds of up to 90–100 kph. Including a five-year car warranty and a three-year battery warranty, the EeVe India company plans to sell them for Rs 1 lakh.

What is EeVe Tesoro?

It’s the company’s first electric bike, and it’s based in Orissa. The EeVe Tesoro features a Bosch hub motor and boasts a maximum speed of 90-100 kmph. EeVe claims that the electric bike has a 120-kilometer range and can be fully charged in 30 minutes using an optional fast charger.

When are the EeVe Tesoro bikes going to be launched in India?

Around January 2023, EeVe Tesoro will debut their bike.

What is going to be the price of the upcoming EeVe Tesoro?

The proposed selling price of the next EeVe Tesoro is expected to be around Rs 1.00 lakh.

When will EeVe Tesoro be available in India?

Beginning in the upcoming Indian autumn of 2023, you can purchase an EeVe Tesoro. The company’s website will soon include information about the watches’ availability, pricing, and features. Reservations can be made on the website immediately for those who are interested in buying the watch. People have been raving about the product’s great quality and sleek design, and early feedback has been encouraging.

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