Establishing Family Offices in the ADGM: A Comprehensive Guide

The United Arab Emirates’ financial centre of Abu Dhabi, known as the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), is rapidly emerging as a popular location for establishing family offices. Due to its advantageous geographic position, sound legal model and accessibility for business, it provides a perfect opportunity for wealth management, investments and creating one’s legacy. This blog aims to explain the opportunity of establishing a family office in the ADGM, the steps taken, and how NH Management shall help you in this quest.

Why Choose ADGM for Family Offices?

1) Strategic Location

Located at the heart of Abu Dhabi, ADGM connects businesses to the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, giving family offices unprecedented access to emerging markets. This advantageous geographical position supports international business operations and investment opportunities, thereby making ADGM an attractive hub for wealth management.

2) Robust Regulatory Framework

The common law-based legal and regulatory framework adopted by ADGM is internationally recognized. It ensures transparency, reliability, and strong investor protection required by family offices handling substantial wealth with complex investments. The regulatory environment within ADGM is designed to cater to different types of needs that may arise when dealing with family offices while providing security and stability for their operations.

3) Comprehensive Support Services

ADGM provides various support services tailored to meet the unique requirements of family offices, including compliance support services such as legal advice on risk mitigation strategies and wealth management. Collaboration and innovation are fostered within the ADGM ecosystem, which allows them to compete favourably even under tough conditions since they thrive best when there are many players involved.

4) Tax Efficiency

Family offices situated at ADGM enjoy favourable tax treatment, which includes a zero corporate income tax rate and no withholding taxes on dividends, interest, or royalties. Thus, they are relieved from unnecessary tax burdens that could hinder their ability to grow or preserve intergenerational wealth over time.

Key Features of ADGM Family Offices

1) Customized Solutions

ADGM offers customized solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of individual families or multiple families that may use common investment platforms. These structures are characterized by flexibility and service levels that can be adapted to various needs.

2) Wealth and Asset Management

ADGM provides world-class wealth management services alongside asset protection strategies for its member organizations. This includes but is not limited to, investment management, financial planning, and estate planning. Additionally, the financial ecosystem within ADGM supports sophisticated investment strategies and risk management practices.

3) Succession Planning

Succession planning forms an integral part of any family office operation. Therefore, ADGM has put in place the necessary resources and expertise to help them develop robust succession plans that ensure a smooth transfer of leadership roles and wealth across generations.

4) Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy is a top priority at ADGM, which has implemented stringent data protection measures under its regulatory framework. Thus, ADGM ensures that personal or financial information belonging to families remains safe from unauthorized access or disclosure.

5) Access to Global Markets

The strategic location, coupled with ADGM’s international connectivity, allows family offices to tap into global markets, thereby facilitating diversification through overseas investments and expansion into foreign businesses.

The Process of ADGM Company Set Up

1) Initial Consultation

The first step in the ADGM company setup process is an initial consultation to understand the family office’s specific needs and objectives. This consultation helps choose the appropriate legal structure and licensing options.

2) Legal and Regulatory Requirements

ADGM has a simple legal and regulatory framework that it created to ease the setting up of businesses. The steps for company formation in ADGM consist of submitting certain documents like business plans, financial statements, compliance records, etc. They ensure compliance with all the legal requirements through the ADGM registration authority, which oversees this process of incorporation.

3) Office Space and Infrastructure

Family offices should seek office space within the ADGM-free zone. The kinds of offices offered by ADGM vary greatly from shared workspaces to fully serviced ones since they cater for different needs. This is supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure which ensures flawless running of a business.

4) Banking and Financial Services

One must establish banking relationships as part of ADGM business setup. There are many international as well as local banks in ADGM that provide customized services for family offices in relation to banking such multi-currency accounts, investment products among others. These banks also provide wealth management solutions tailored specifically for families with office establishments within their jurisdiction.

5) Ongoing Compliance and Reporting

Family offices must comply with continuous compliance and reporting obligations. This involves annual audits, financial reporting, anti-money laundering (AML), and counter-terrorism financing (CTF) regulations, among other things. To assist family offices in meeting all these requirements, ADGM provides comprehensive support to ensure that they remain compliant throughout their operations according to the law.

How NH Management Can Assist Your Family Office?

1) Consultation and Advisory Services

NH Management offers expert consultation services aimed at helping family offices navigate the complex processes involved in ADGM company formation. Our team gives personalized advice on how best families can comply with various regulations, including structuring issues or strategic planning alternatives available under current laws, so as not only to achieve but also maintain full adherence to them.

2) Legal and Compliance Support

Our legal department ensures that your family office follows all necessary regulations. We also assist in preparing and filing the required paperwork, which ensures smoothness during the set-up process.

3) Wealth Management and Investment Advisory

NH Management provides comprehensive wealth management and investment advisory services. We collaborate with family offices to devise appropriate investment strategies that consider their goals, risk appetite, time horizon, etcetera.

4) Succession Planning and Governance

We help them devise robust succession plans to ensure continuity even after the current leaders have retired from active service. With our extensive knowledge of this subject matter, we can guarantee the proper transfer of wealth leadership, which secures future generations’ interests within such organizations.

5) Ongoing Support and Services

At NH Management, we offer continued assistance through administrative duties alongside financial reporting compliance checks, among other things required from time to time. Our aim is always to equip these families with the necessary resources and expertise to thrive in the ever-changing world finance arena.


ADGM presents an attractive opportunity for those intending to establish their family offices in a secure, efficient, globally connected environment. The strategic position it occupies, together with solid legal structure and integrated support systems, make ADGMs’ value proposition very compelling for any serious player within this space. Our commitment at NH Management remains steadfast towards guiding them throughout the process of setting up shop within ADGM, whether locally or internationally. Reach out today so that you get more information on how best to leverage the benefits associated with operating your own family office under ADGM.


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