Exotic Car Rental Dubai: Drive in Style and Luxury

Whenever traveling is on our minds, we try to think of places that have a varied range of experiences in store for us, and one such great travel destination happens to be the city of Dubai. 

Whether you’re a tourist on a family vacation, a solo travel bug on an adventure quest or a white-collar professional on a business assignment, Dubai is a city that will command your attention and hold it.

Wondering how to experience the thrill of Dubai in your own time and way? You can simply go for an exotic car hire Dubai, rent a luxury car and cruise the streets of the city in unparalleled sophistication.

Why are Luxury Cars So Integral to Dubai?

As we know, Dubai is a hub of modern technology and growth, mixing tradition and fast living in the right proportions. Luxury cars form an important part of the Dubai landscape, with residents and visitors alike riding these classy vehicles. Tourists can jump on the luxury car bandwagon by choosing a car rental Dubai alternative. Read on to understand why Dubai is such a popular luxury car destination.

Lower Import Duties 

Whereas most countries have heavy import duties on luxury or sports cars, Dubai, or the UAE at large has lower import duties and taxation where luxury cars are concerned. This means luxury cars brands like Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini and others have a greater presence in Dubai and are easily available to people who want to own luxury cars. 

Higher Affordability

Firstly, as mentioned, the lower import duties and taxation means the prices of luxury cars are lower in Dubai than in most other places around the globe. This leads to greater affordability for those seeking to buy luxury vehicles in the city of gold. Also, a higher per capita income means residents of Dubai find it easier to afford high-end products like a sports car. This increase in affordability has contributed significantly to making Dubai the unofficial luxury car capital of the world.

Speed and Customisation Options 

Dubai is a fast-moving city that is constantly growing, evolving and upgrading itself by the day. The highways of the UAE are famed for their smoothness and connectivity. So people visiting Dubai or living there often turn to luxury car rental Dubai options in order to match their speed with that of this phenomenal city. 

What’s more, for luxury car owners there are a number of high-quality customisation options available with a number of great motor-vehicle detailing outfits setting up shop in the city.

Style and Comfort

Dubai is associated with luxury, style and comfort and luxury cars are the best way to experience all of these things if you’re visiting. Both residents of and visitors to Dubai prefer to explore in a certain degree of comfort which is guaranteed to them if they decide to hire a luxury car as they roam the city streets of Dubai. The year-round hot weather can be combated best while relaxing in the air-conditioned comfort of an exotic vehicle of your choice.

Tourism and Luxury Car Rentals

Tourism makes up a very important part of Dubai’s ecosystem and its economy as well.

Since Dubai has become synonymous with luxury in general and luxury cars in particular, tourists often want to experience the thrill of driving around in a premium car like a Lamborghini or a Range Rover. This has led to an increase in high-end car rental services in Dubai, which in turn has led to an increase in the number of luxury cars on the city’s roads. If you’re interested in the luxury car experience, go for a trusted rental like Premium Crystal Car Rental, that not only offers you great deals but also provides good post-rental assistance and has a wide selection of vehicles to choose from.

Concluding Thoughts

Dubai is simply one of the best travel destinations anywhere in the world, with beaches, desert safaris, shopping arcades, harbors, theme parks and more just waiting to be explored.

Now that you know why luxury cars and Dubai go hand in hand so well, go ahead and plan your own Dubai stay and while you’re doing that, don’t forget to explore your exotic car hire Dubai options!


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