Fourgiven V-4

Ford Mustang GT Fastback Money Can’t Buy This Extreme Fourgiven V-4 Custom Bike

If you’re in the market for a high-performance car, the Ford Mustang could be among your considerations. Beyond the performance aspect, there are six distinct models within the lineup, and the mid-range GT Fastback kicks off at just over $40,000.

Interestingly, this happens to be the same amount that an enthusiast was willing to bid for a unique custom bike known as the Fourgiven V-4 Softail. Recently auctioned in Monterey, California, by Mecum, the bike aimed to make a splash. However, it seems it fell short of expectations, as the highest bid from the Mustang’s price range was declined by the owner. This signifies that the bike remains available for purchase, providing a chance for anyone interested to acquire it.

The creation of the Fourgiven was masterminded by a well-regarded figure in the custom motorcycle world, Carl Brouhard. Initially unveiled in 2006, it subsequently earned acclaim at prestigious industry events such as the Easyriders Bike Show, Sacramento Autorama Bike Show, and EGO Grand National Bike Show.

The craftsmanship behind this bike is nothing short of extreme. Based on an air ride-supported frame crafted by a team named Nothing But Customs, the bike is centered around a rare and potent V-Quad engine boasting a displacement of 194 cubic inches.

The engine, assembled by Nelson Engineering, features four Harley-Davidson Evolution cylinder barrels and heads, alongside TP Engineering crankcases. Impressively, this powerplant generates an output of 250 horsepower. A custom exhaust, almost artfully concealed, is orchestrated by Twisted Metal Fabrications to facilitate optimal engine performance.

To effectively harness the engine’s immense power, the bike is equipped with a relatively delicate front wheel positioned at the farthest end of the fork, along with a substantial rear tire. The rear tire is an astonishing 360 mm wide, wrapping around a wheel handcrafted by none other than the renowned Chip Foose.

The bike’s bodywork commands attention and remains memorable. Featuring substantial front and rear fenders, a bold front spoiler, and a fuel tank seamlessly integrated with the frame, all of these elements are coated in a vivid and unforgettable shade of orange.

While the bike boasts numerous merits, a major drawback is that it isn’t suitable for public road use. This limitation means that only a select few will have the privilege of experiencing it in person. Previously, the Fourgiven was displayed at the Vault in Big Horn Country Club located in Palm Desert, California.

Although its current whereabouts are uncertain, its availability for purchase indicates that it might find a new home anywhere. As we keep an eye out for updates, we’ll provide any new information about its whereabouts.

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