Four Methods of Metal Engraving Are Introduced

Four Methods of Metal Engraving Are Introduced

Metal engraving is actually not very different from carving, but it is just changing the material for engraving into metal and then carving special patterns on the surface of the metal. Metal engraving can actually be called an art in pursuit of beauty. Even gold, which is worth a lot of money, can be engraved to bring its value to another level. However, apart from gold and silver, other common metals can also be used for engraving. Therefore, from high-value jewelry to everyday items that are often used in daily life, engraving adds a special value to these things.

Of course, in addition to aesthetics, engraving can be used for a number of purposes. For example, to mark special items. Take two common examples, the name on the bracelet, anniversary and so on. There are also machines engraved with the model number of the machine and the voltage and other information.

Returning to the title of the article, what exactly are the four methods of metal engraving? They are actually hand engraving, rotary engraving, CNC engraving as well as laser engraving. Below we will take a brief look at these methods and explore them.

1. Hand Carving

Hand carving is the origin of other carving methods and is the most traditional method. Hand carving requires a very high level of craftsmanship. Why? The reason is obvious, the whole process of carving is handled by craftsmen, every pattern, every line is hand-carved by craftsmen. Therefore, the craftsman has to think very carefully before he/she carves, and he/she must have a steady hand during the actual operation. Therefore, to be a good craftsman, one must have practiced many times. Each master craftsman hand carves a unique piece, and sometimes even he himself may not be able to carve an identical piece. So there are pieces that can become priceless for this very reason.

Suitable for hand-carved metal is some of the material is relatively soft metal, after all, and the machine compared to the strength of the human hand is obviously inferior.

Let’s talk in more detail about the tools needed for hand engraving. First up is the essential carving knife, which is the key to carving metal. Engraving knives actually come in many different sizes and different sizes serve different purposes. There are also different types of carving knives, there are flat knives, round knives and scoring knives, followed by a ball vise, which is used to hold the metal in place and prevent it from shifting during the carving process. Lastly, there are sharpening stones which are used to keep the knives sharp.


2.Rotary engraving metal

With the continuous progress and development of society, hand-engraved metal has gradually failed to meet people’s needs. So all kinds of jewelry engraving machine came into being. Although it is said to be machine engraving, but in fact only the hands of the craftsman carving tools are replaced by machine tools only, the completion of the work is still largely dependent on the master craftsman’s skills. Even the first-class engraving tools, if the user is an immature craftsman, it is also virtually useless.

So, what tools are needed for metal rotary engraving? First is the engraving machine, the engraving machine can help people save their strength, and he is also equipped with different rotational speeds to meet different engraving requirements. Then there is the cutter head, there are many kinds of materials used to make the cutter head, the hardest of which is diamond. Diamond bits are very hard and can cut most materials. Of course, the materials used to make the cutter head also include some harder alloys.

3.CNC Engraving Metal

The so-called CNC is actually short for Computerized Numerical Control. So CNC metal engraving is actually a process where the engraving head is controlled by a computer. So what are the tools needed for CNC metal engraving? It’s actually quite simple, there are just two. One is a computer-controlled machine tool, the other is a computer-controlled cutter head. Of course, there are many types of cutterheads. In addition to the previously mentioned diamond cutter head, there are also V-shaped cutter head, twist type of cutter head.

4. Laser engraving of metal

Until now, laser engraving is one of the most advanced techniques for engraving metal. Laser engraving is simply the use of a light beam instead of an engraving head. The pattern to be engraved is set up in advance on a computer, and the laser engraving head will shine a bright light on the metal, and the excess metal will be corroded away. Eventually, the marks on the metal material are permanently preserved. Another benefit of laser engraving is that it can engrave a wide variety of metals, including gold, silver, stainless steel and other metals of varying hardness.

In addition, there are many other uses for laser metal engraving, besides engraving jewelry, there is also trophy engraving. Trophy makers can engrave names, awards, and dates on trophies, among other information. Craftsmen who specialize in personalized pieces can also use lasers to create highly specialized pieces.

Of course, each of these four methods of engraving metal has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, hand engraving metal is time consuming and labor intensive, but it has a charm that cannot be achieved by machine engraving. Laser engraving has many advantages, such as the ability to engrave many types of metal, but the machine needed for laser engraving is not affordable for everyone.


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