Frances Gladney- Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Career

Frances Gladney- Wiki, Age, Ethnicity, Husband, Net Worth, Height, Career

Numerous women gained recognition as the spouses of renowned individuals, and Frances Gladney is among them. She is notably recognized as the wife of Smokey Robinson, a prominent American singer, producer, and songwriter.

Frances garnered attention upon her marriage to this celebrity. We’ll delve into various aspects of Frances’s life, including her height, weight, waist size, career, personal life, net worth, educational background, and more, in greater detail.

Quick Facts

Celebrity NameFrances Glandney
Popular ForWife of Smokey Robinson
ProfessionFashion Designer
Estimated Net Worth$500 thousand
Birth DateN/A
Birth SignN/A
Birth PlaceCalifornia
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight60 kg
Body Measurement34-27-34 inches
Body TypeN/A
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Frances Glandney Biography

Frances Gladney hails from California, raised by American parents whose details remain undisclosed. Little is known about her origins, including her birthdate, childhood, and early life. She holds an American nationality and comes from a diverse ethnic background.

Despite her celebrity status and a massive fan following, her biography doesn’t appear on Wikipedia.

Her husband, Smokey Robinson, was born on February 19, 1950, making him 73 years old in 2023. He was born in Detroit, Michigan.

Frances Glandney Height, Weight

Frances is an elegant woman standing at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm) and weighing 60 kg. She boasts a perfect body shape, measuring 34-27-34 inches. Her stunning black eyes and hair beautifully complement her facial features.

Frances Glandney Net Worth

Frances Gladney’s commitment and effort in her career have often been overshadowed by her husband’s prominence. Despite being married to a celebrity, Frances has carved her path as a successful fashion designer, establishing her own reputation. Her career in fashion has been prosperous, enabling her to live comfortably.

As of December 2023, reports indicate Frances Gladney possesses a net worth exceeding $500 thousand, affording her a lavish lifestyle. Similarly, her husband, Smokey, boasts substantial wealth, with an estimated net worth of approximately $100 million, undoubtedly a significant sum.


Many assess her based on her husband’s wealth, yet Frances, despite being married to a celebrity, has a thriving career as a fashion designer. She has collaborated with various brands and companies, accumulating significant wealth through her own endeavors.

While her husband’s fame often takes the spotlight, Frances has established herself independent of his wealth. Despite her celebrity status and immense fanbase, her biography remains absent from Wikipedia.

Contrary to his humble beginnings in a low-income family, Smokey Robinson ascended to prominence through unwavering dedication to his craft. He embarked on his musical journey with Miracles and released his self-titled album in 1973, followed by ‘Pure Smokey’ a year later.

His discography includes several hit albums like ‘One Heartbeat’ and ‘To See Her,’ the latter being among his most triumphant releases.

Frances Glandney Husband, Marriage

Frances Gladney was previously married to Claudette Rogers in 1959, and together, they had two children: Berry Robinson, born in 1968, and Tamla Robinson, born in 1969. Unfortunately, due to Smokey’s extramarital affairs, the couple couldn’t sustain their relationship, leading to their divorce in 1986. Smokey has a child named Trey with his girlfriend.

Smokey Robinson later married Frances Gladney in May 2002. Despite not having children together, this hasn’t impacted their relationship, and they’ve been happily married for almost two decades. Smokey and Frances enjoy a contented life together.


  • She is most recognized as Smokey Robinson’s wife, the renowned American singer, producer, and songwriter.
  • Together, Smokey and Claudette had two children: Berry Robinson, born in 1968, and Tamla Robinson, born in 1969.
  • While they don’t have children together, their long-standing relationship remains unaffected by this factor.
  • Unfortunately, there’s no available information online regarding her birthday, childhood, or early life.


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