Harley-Davidson Breakout Costs More Than A Dodge Challenger!

Undoubtedly, the Harley-Davidson Breakout family has once again taken center stage in the news, capturing attention both nationally and internationally, especially within the U.S. This resurgence in interest stems from the unveiling of the latest addition to the lineage earlier this year. Unquestionably, the focal point of this motorcycle is the brand-new powerhouse concealed within its frame—the formidable 117ci Milwaukee-Eight engine.


However, despite introducing a new engine into the equation, the latest iteration of the Breakout falls short of matching the revered reputation held by previous models in the world of custom builders. The older Breakout, propelled by the 114ci powerplant, remains a cornerstone of custom craftsmanship celebrated globally.

Illustrating this sentiment is the recently unveiled 2018 Breakout, meticulously crafted by the French garage known as Melk. This pristine creation, born in late July, swiftly changed hands for a substantial 45,000 euros, equivalent to nearly $50,000 in American currency. An amount exceeding the price tag of a Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack variant.

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What imbues this motorcycle with such considerable value? To encapsulate, an abundance—both in the quality of components integrated and the painstaking precision employed during assembly.

Consistent with Melk’s signature style, the Breakout is adorned in a triad of hues—Vivid Black, Pale Gold, and Satin. These colors are judiciously and lavishly applied across the bike’s various elements. From a distance, it may bear resemblance to other customized Breakouts, yet upon closer inspection, the meticulous attention to detail becomes utterly astonishing.

The modifications executed on the ride are emblematic of the custom Harley tradition. Fresh wheels, designed by Harley themselves, find their place beneath bespoke fenders. The fuel tank undergoes a transformative alteration for an enhanced visual impact. Aftermarket covers are thoughtfully integrated where necessary, while the rear boasts a broader 260 mm tire.

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Lifted by an air suspension system, the motorcycle’s wheels derive their motion from the stock engine. However, this powerplant receives a boost through the incorporation of a Stage II kit from S&S, complemented by an aftermarket exhaust system courtesy of Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde. The ensemble is further enhanced by an air filter branded with the insignia of Vance & Hines.

Referred to simply as the unnamed Harley-Davidson Breakout, this masterpiece occupies the 38th slot within Melk’s portfolio. Although it may no longer be available for acquisition, the blueprint can be reproduced for other Breakouts, catering to the desires of their owners. Given the probable demand, and in conjunction with the efforts of other workshops, it’s plausible that the 114 incarnations of this motorcycle will continue to thrive.

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