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How Digital Wine Lists Enhance The Wine Selection Experience For Restaurants And Customers

Unless you’re a brewery, you can’t get away with having a lack in your wine supply. People are particular in what they want to drink, even when they can’t tell you exactly what that is! Running a restaurant really leaves little room for error, so how can you keep your wine game on point?

One strategy that not only dazzles your customer but also is also an inventory management dream is a digital wine list. These programs can really streamline your wine process and get your staff selling more glasses. If you haven’t yet, it’s absolutely worth sitting down and researching a bit.

Here’s three reasons that these wine list programs are such a hit.

1) Instant Detailed Notes on Each Drink You Carry with a Digital Wine List

New hire on the floor? No problem. These digital lists carry all the notes for each wine, while displaying the information easily on a tablet. Any server, even those unfamiliar with wine can use this easy picture list to explain what wines are available. This can all be done from the same tablet that you run your food service on.

Not only will you and your staff be able to easily list the wines, but a detailed description will be included in case the diners have questions. These programs are so sophisticated that they can also suggest wine pairings based on someone’s meal choice. With this easy to use system, you can turn your new hire into an expert in just one day!

2) Sync With Your Current POS System and Update Inventory in Real Time

Any efficient and quality digital wine list will be able to connect with your existing restaurant POS system and run smoothly. You can’t afford to have something wonky that crashes. Or, a program that can’t run on the same tablet your food ordering one is on. Thankfully, most of these digital lists sync well.

The coolest feature of this type of program is the real time inventory updating. No more running back to a table regretfully informing them their wine choice ran out before their order. These lists are digital tied to your inventory system, so each glass that is poured is accounted for quickly.

3) Some Will Even Come With a Customer Quiz for Wine Recommendations

Being able to provide personal wine recommendations without having to hire a bunch of wine experts is fantastic. Some of these digital wine lists have a quick questionnaire quiz your staff can ask their diners. Normally it takes less than a minute. At the end of the quiz there’s several choices on where you can steer someone.

Not only do you get the ability to give your customers a unique and customized experience, you can also add the wine from the quiz directly to the table ticket. Saving you and your staff the time it would take to switch over and search for the wine suggested in the quiz.

Give an Enhanced Wine Experience to Your Customers

Now you can probably see why having a digital wine list can really up your service game at your restaurant. It’s such a great tool for your staff to use, allowing you to even get new hires “up to par” quickly. All of the information is right there and easily accessible. If you get one with a customized customer quiz for personalized recommendations you can really impress your clientele. Since these programs sync with the system you already have in place, they offer ultra convenience and spot on wine lists. Plus, the fact that you can see inventory changes in real time is such a game changer. Definitely something to consider implementing!


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