How to Choose the Perfect Vase for Your Home Decor

In today’s day who does not love flowers? And who does not love to see beautiful flowers in even prettier vases? Well, if you love to adore flowers and like your house to smell like roses,ranunculus, jasmine, lilly, and orchid then you must pay attention to what kind of flower vases should go with different flowers.Because just putting flowers like that will not look good, and also to enhance your interior of home it’s become a very important part.Selecting a flower vase for your home is more like selecting a container for your flower,it’s about adding the sense of style and personality to a particular area of your home. With countless options available, understanding how to choose the right vase is important and it also helps to build the aesthetic  of your home. Flower vases come in different sizes, shapes and material each offering different functions and purpose, glass vases represent the class it shows the entire flower from petal to steam. Ceramic vases show the huge design and finishes and add charm to your room. If you like durability then you can opt for plastic and metal vases often available in contemporary design and stand out as a statement piece. Shape of the vases holds a very important part to make the area graceful, tall, sellender vases suit with long stemmed flowers like roses and tulips, and a wider bowl shaped flower is perfect for bouquet mixed with different flowers. The vase opening influences how well it supports and spreads the steam of the flower. A good flower vase is very important for home decor. It plays a significant role in it and it deepens upon the person that how he/she uses that space which is highlighted and looks beautiful the more distant appealing vases look the more better it is. In this guide we will tell you some tips and tricks that you should consider while choosing a perfect vase that will enhance and compliment your living space and enhance your home decor.

Here are 5 types of vases that you should consider for your home decor

1.    Oval ring vase off white –

This is the perfect fit for your home, as it has sleek and modern design.This vase is all rounder because,the off-white colour makes it easy to blends with each and every colour it provides elegance that can compliments both minimalist and vibrant interior design. The oval ring shape provides a long stem flower to shine more. You can place this vase on a console table, a shelf, or as a centrepiece on a dining table. Its shape and colour draws attention.

2.    Ornate Crystal Glass Flower Vase Small- 

This will be a beautiful and elegant piece for home at the same time it will give the vibe of classic and evergreen piece. Also this vase adds a touch of luxury to any room. It provides a stunning scene of fresh bloom or artificial flowers, the transparent nature allows you to see inside out overall you can add this vase to any interior design scheme.

3.    Mini Floral Vase Antique-

This vase is inspired by vintage addition,and looks like an antique. If you’re the lover of antiques then this kind of vase will be a good choice for you. The small size allows you to put it anywhere you want at home such as on shelves, mantels, side tables, or even as a centrepiece. Also if it is not in use Its unique design and antique finish can add visual interest to any space.

4.    Minimalist Flask Shaped Ceramic Vase Black- 

The clean and simple design of the vase displays the aesthetic look making this ideal for modern and minimalist interior style. The black colour adds a bold and dramatic look because of this you can place it on a mantel, shelf, side table, or as a centrepiece on a dining table.

5.    Ceramic Marble Facets Vase-

The combination of ceramic and marble makes it look elegant and luxurious.its 3D pentagon shape shows the whole drama and compliments the whole surrounding and we all know the beauty of handcraft. This unique design made the statement piece in any room. It draws attention and becomes the focal point.This vase can be placed on a mantel, console table, shelf, or as a centrepiece on a dining table or coffee table.


In conclusion I can say that selecting a vase is a detailed process which involves various factors to achieve the aesthetic and harmony. By paying attention to size,shape,colour, material and design you can find the perfect vase which will compliment your surroundings.


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