Is Hunter Hannah Barron Dating Again After Her Breakup With Fiancé Hunter Horton?

Hannah Barron was once married to Hunter Ryan Horton. However, Barron and her intended husband decided to part ways before their marriage for undisclosed reasons.

Hannah Barron’s Divorce from Fiancé

Horton and the Instagram celebrity had been friends for several years before they started dating in 2016. Their relationship appeared strong, evident from their affectionate Instagram posts, including a heartfelt Valentine’s Day wish in 2017 and a birthday celebration in 2018.

A year later, he proposed, and the couple moved in together after the social media celebrity accepted. Despite the engagement, their relationship took an unexpected turn, leading to the sudden breakup. The exact details of their separation remain undisclosed.

Hannah Barron and Cohen Stone, a couple?

Cohen Stone, a fellow hunter, hinted on Instagram that he and Barron might be dating. Stone, a producer on Michael Waddell: Bone Collector from Georgia, shared an Instagram post on May 12, 2020, where he credited Barron for teaching him noodling, progressing to an expert level by May 19.

The duo reportedly traveled to Mexico in August, sharing adorable photos. Stone’s latest post featuring the couple was in November 2020. While there is no official confirmation about their relationship status, speculation arises due to the absence of statements.

They could be good friends, have parted ways, or simply prefer privacy. As Stone is not prominently featured on Barron’s Instagram, the details remain undisclosed until Barron provides clarity.

When you’re a hunter, you’re a hunter for life.

The Instagram sensation is widely recognized for sharing captivating photos showcasing her love for hunting, fishing, and adventure. Her journey to fame started with a video where she showcased her impressive skill of catching a massive catfish with her bare hands.

Fans appreciate her prowess in various outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and noodling.

Born and raised in Alabama, her childhood was filled with accompanying her father on hunting and outdoor expeditions.

Developing a keen interest in nature, she exhibited remarkable skills like identifying local snakes at the age of four and hunting her first deer at eight.

Growing up surrounded by nature fueled her passion for hunting, leading her to explore activities like noodling.

Her initial experience, catching a catfish with her bare hands during a noodling session with neighbors, marked the beginning of her enduring love for the sport.


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