Hyundai Sales in July 2023: Creta, Venue, Exter, Verna, i10, i20

In July 2023, Hyundai experienced a consistent sales pattern, with 62 percent of its total sales attributed to models like the Creta, Venue, and the recently introduced Exter. In terms of figures, Hyundai Motor India reported 50,701 units in total domestic sales for the month. This number only slightly surpassed the 50,500 units sold in July 2022, indicating a flat YoY performance. Additionally, there was a marginal 1 percent MoM growth from the 50,001 units sold in June 2023.

Hyundai Sales in July 2023
Hyundai Sales in July 2023

Hyundai Sales in July 2023

In July 2023, the Hyundai Creta secured the top spot in terms of sales, with 14,062 units sold. This marked a notable 11 percent YoY growth from the 12,625 units sold in July 2022. However, there was a 3 percent MoM decrease compared to the 14,447 units sold in June 2023. The Creta dominated the SUV sales chart for the month, maintaining a significant lead over models like the Seltos, G Vitara, and Hyryder.

At the second position was the Hyundai Venue, which registered 10,062 units sold in July 2023. Unfortunately, this reflected a 16 percent YoY decline compared to the 12,000 units sold in July 2022. MoM sales also decreased by 13 percent from the 11,606 units sold in June 2023. The newly introduced Hyundai Exter entered the list with 7,000 units sold in the same month.

However, some models faced challenges in sales performance. The Grand i10 experienced a significant dip in sales, plummeting by 47 percent YoY from 10,000 units in July 2022 to 5,337 units in July 2023. MoM sales also showed a 16 percent decline from the 6,321 units sold in June 2023.

Even the popular Hyundai i20 Elite hatchback experienced setbacks, with sales dropping by 27 percent YoY and 19 percent MoM in July 2023. The figures went down to 5,001 units for the month, compared to 6,873 units in July 2022 and 6,162 units in June 2023.

Hyundai Xcent, Verna, Alcazar, Tucson

Hyundai’s sales roster also featured the Xcent / Aura at the 6th position, marking a 12 percent YoY increase with 4,514 units sold. This was a rise from the 4,018 units sold in July 2022. However, MoM sales experienced an 8 percent dip from the 4,907 units sold in June 2023. The Hyundai Verna witnessed a substantial 53 percent YoY sales growth, reaching 2,858 units as compared to 1,870 units in July 2022. Nevertheless, MoM sales saw a 29 percent decline from the 4,001 units sold in June 2023. The Verna secured the 4th spot among the best-selling sedans in July 2023, trailing behind the DZire, Aura, and Amaze which led the segment.

However, Alcazar faced lackluster sales, with a 50 percent YoY decrease and a 32 percent MoM decline. Sales dwindled to 1,443 units in the past month, down from 2,888 units in July 2022 and 2,119 units in June 2023. Hyundai recently introduced adventure editions of the Creta and Alcazar, boasting off-roading features that lend a rugged and adventurous stance.

On the positive side, Tucson sales surged by 41 percent to 239 units, up from 170 units in July 2023. This, however, represented a 9 percent MoM decrease from the 263 units sold in June 2023. Additionally, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 recorded 125 units sold last month, showcasing a 25 percent MoM growth from the 100 units sold in June 2023. Kona sales reached 60 units in July 2023, an increase from the 53 units sold in July 2022. Nonetheless, MoM sales experienced a 20 percent dip, compared to the 75 units sold in June 2023.

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