Is Linda Barras Dating The 84 Years Sepp Blatter?

Linda Barras is a Leggy Swiss Socialite who lives in Switzerland. She is the wife of millionaire estate Christian Barras.

Quick Facts

Full NameLinda Barras
Date of BirthN/A
Height/How tall?182 cm
ProfessionLeggy Swiss Socialite
Father NameN/A
Mother NameN/A
Gender IdentityFemale
Is Married?No
Is Gay?No
Net WorthN/A

Is Linda Barras the glamorous socialite dating Sepp Blatter?

Linda, a socialite, has been in a long-term relationship with Christian, with whom she shares two teenage daughters. However, rumors have surfaced suggesting that she might also be dating Joseph “Sepp” Blatter, a retired Swiss football administrator who served as FIFA’s eighth president from 1998.

Despite her ongoing relationship with Christian, rumors persist about her connection with Blatter. Sources have mentioned that she has been seen accompanying Blatter on private jets, at hotels, and during star-studded gala dinners over the past few months. As of now, there has been no official clarification regarding the nature of their relationship.

Linda Barras’s new boyfriend is an 84-year-old man

Despite both having been married previously, rumors swirled about Linda and Sepp. Sepp himself clarified that he and Mrs. Barras are simply friends. Mr. Barras, on the other hand, mentioned that he has been acquainted with the FIFA president since 2008.

Christian has publicly stated that his relationship with Linda has ended and that he is supportive of her new relationship. However, it remains unclear whether the former couple has officially divorced.

In the past, a retired Swiss football administrator known as “Blatter” married these ladies.

Joseph “Sepp” Blatter, the retired Swiss football administrator, has had several significant relationships in his personal life. His first wife was Liliane Biner, though their marriage ended in divorce shortly thereafter. In 1981, he married Barbara Kaser, daughter of Helmut Kaser. Tragically, his second wife passed away due to complications from an operation, after ten years of marriage.

Following this, Blatter was married to Ilona Boguska, a friend of his daughter’s, for eight years until their divorce in 2002. He later dated Graziella Bianca, his daughter’s friend and a dolphin trainer, but they parted ways in 2004. Since 2014, he has been in a domestic partnership with Linda.

How many children does each of their ex-partners have?

Christian and Linda have two daughters, though their identities have not been publicly disclosed. Sepp Blatter has a daughter named Corinne from his third marriage. Corinne Blatter works as a teacher and has been a strong source of support for her father. She has openly discussed her father’s experiences in the soccer world, describing him as a “punching ball” in the sport. Further details about their personal lives remain undisclosed.

Is former Swiss administrator Sepp Blatter in the hospital?

Recent reports indicate that Sepp Blatter, the retired football administrator, has been hospitalized. This isn’t his first encounter with illness, as he underwent skin cancer surgery back in 2016. He was taken to Zurich for treatment, though the exact cause of his current illness remains unknown.

In contrast, his daughter Corinne emphasized that this should not be seen as a life-threatening situation. She mentioned on his behalf that while her father is steadily improving, he still requires ample time and rest for recovery.

Net Worth

Linda Barras’s net worth and income are unknown. Instead, retired football administrator Sepp Blatter has a net worth of $20 million in January 2024. And his annual salary was 1.4 million.

Age and height

  1. She is a 51-year-old mother.
  2. Her height is 1.82 meters or 6 feet.


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