J Sai Deepak Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth 2024

J Sai Deepak Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth 2024

J Sai Deepak Wife name is Akshara Bala. J Sai Deepak is a well-known lawyer and advocate in India, known for his constitutional, commercial, and taxation law expertise. He has made a name for himself through his eloquent arguments and sharp legal mind.

But beyond his professional achievements, not much is known about his personal life. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at J Sai Deepak’s wife, her background, and their relationship, giving readers a glimpse into the man behind the legal brilliance. So let’s dive in and get to know J Sai Deepak’s wife, who stands by his side through thick and thin.

Quick Facts

Full Real NameSai Deepak Iyer J.
Famous NameSai Deepak J.
Net worthINR 1-2 Crores (approx.).
BirthdayNovember 23, 1985.
Age (as of 2023)38 years old.
ProfessionLawyer, advocate, and media face.
Birth PlaceHyderabad, Telangana, India.
ResidenceNew Delhi, India.
CasteWill update.
SchoolSt. Anthony’s High School, Hyderabad.
Alma MaterAnna University.
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
QualificationGraduate in Engineering.
Graduate in Law.
Sun SignSagittarius.
Height (approx.)In Feet Inches: 5′ 6″.
Weight (approx.)In Kilograms: 59 kg.

Who Is J Sai Deepak?

J Sai Deepak Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth 2024

J Sai Deepak is an acclaimed Indian lawyer and author renowned for his contributions to constitutional law, intellectual property rights, and civil liberties. Deepak transitioned into the legal field with a background in engineering, bringing a unique analytical perspective to his cases.

He is also an active public speaker and author, offering insights on legal and cultural issues through various platforms. Deepak’s legal acumen and dedication to upholding the constitution have positioned him as a respected figure in India’s legal community.

Sai Deepak J Age & Early Life

Sai Deepak J was born on November 23, 1985, in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. As per his Twitter profile, he resides in New Delhi, India, for professional purposes. Presently 38 years old (as of 2023), his full name is Sai Deepak Iyer J.

For his early education, he attended a local school alongside his brother. According to information on his Facebook page, he pursued his secondary education at St. Anthony’s High School in Hyderabad. He commenced his higher education journey at Anna University in 2002 and reportedly completed his bachelor’s degree in engineering in 2006. Later, he opted for a career in law and enrolled at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Subsequently, in 2009, he earned a bachelor’s degree in law.

Sai Deepak J Height & Weight

Sai Deepak J stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs around 59 kilograms. He possesses captivating warm black eyes and has black hair. However, details regarding his chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, shoe size, biceps, and other physical attributes are currently unavailable.

Sai Deepak J Net Worth

What’s Sai Deepak J’s net worth? As a litigator, Sai Deepak Iyer J earns a substantial income. He resides in Delhi with his family in an elegant and well-furnished house. Additionally, he has a dedicated workspace for handling his case studies and legal matters.

He also owns multiple high-end automobiles and various vehicles. His income sources encompass legal cases, writing, and other ventures. His estimated net worth is around INR 1-2 crores (approx.) as of December 2023.

J Sai Deepak’s Early Life and Family

J Sai Deepak Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth 2024

J Sai Deepak was born into a family that valued education and intellectual pursuit. From a young age, he was encouraged to explore diverse interests, laying the groundwork for his multifaceted career.

Details about his family, including his parents and siblings, are kept private, reflecting Deepak’s preference for distinguishing between his professional and personal lives. This background of support and encouragement undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping his path to becoming a notable figure in the legal profession.

Sai Deepak J, a former engineer turned advocate, delved into law and established a career in legal practice. He’s set to release his debut book, ‘India that is Bharat,’ in 2021. According to sources, the book explores themes encompassing the impact of European “colonial consciousness” and other comprehensive subjects.

His legal journey began in 2009 at Saikrishna & Associates, where he joined as an Associate Partner-Litigation. Notably, since November 2016, he’s been an Honorary Advisor for the Ministry of Commerce’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, as stated on his LinkedIn profile.

Throughout his career, he addressed a wide array of legal matters, including constitutional law, competition law, and intellectual property disputes. Deepak J also served as Special Counsel for the State Government of Madhya Pradesh in the Basmati GI case. His fee structures are typically standardized, but may vary based on the complexity of the litigation.

In June 2016, he established his legal firm, ‘Law Chambers of J Sai Deepak,’ extending assistance to numerous individuals in need of legal aid. Reportedly, he leads a team of three dedicated staff members who support him in every case. Sources also mention his involvement in the ‘UPSC Jihad’ lawsuit in 2020.

Sai Deepak J Wife & Marriage

J Sai Deepak Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth 2024

Who is Sai Deepak J’s wife? Deepak J maintains a level of privacy about his personal life. Despite inquiries and sensitive information circulating online, through extensive research on his social media profiles, it’s been revealed that he is married. His wife’s name is Akshara Bala, and they tied the knot in January 2014 in the presence of their families.

Sai has shared a few photos with his wife on his social media accounts, depicting a wedding ceremony following South Indian customs. However, details about Akshara Bala’s occupation are not available. As for children, Sai hasn’t mentioned any, suggesting the couple might not have children together.

Future Plan and Goals

J Sai Deepak’s plans and goals, while not explicitly laid out, appear to revolve around continuing to impact India’s legal landscape positively. His passion for constitutional law and civil liberties suggests a commitment to tackling more significant legal challenges, potentially influencing policy and legislation.

Moreover, expanding his reach through more publications and talks seems likely, given his engagement as a public speaker and author. Deeply invested in nurturing the next generation of legal minds, Deepak may also focus on education, mentoring aspiring lawyers, and contributing to a broader understanding of legal rights and responsibilities among the public.

Fun Fact

  • Despite his deep involvement in the legal world, J Sai Deepak has an avid interest in ancient Indian history and culture, often weaving historical insights into his legal arguments.
  • He is a trained singer in classical Indian music, showcasing a talent beyond the courtroom.
  • Deepak is known to be a motorbike enthusiast, enjoying long rides as a way to unwind and reflect.
  • A lesser-known fact is that he started his career as an engineer before pivoting to law, which he believes helps him approach legal problems with a unique perspective.
  • He is an enthusiastic participant in marathon running, seeing it as a metaphor for the perseverance needed in legal battles.


What does J Sai Deepak specialize in?

He specializes in constitutional, commercial, and taxation law.

Is J Sai Deepak’s wife also involved in the legal profession?

Details about her profession remain private, but she is noted to have a successful career.

Has J Sai Deepak written any books?

Deepak has authored books on legal and cultural issues.

Does J Sai Deepak engage in any hobbies?

He enjoys ancient history, classical music, motorbiking, and marathon running.

Is there any information about J Sai Deepak’s family?

Information about his family is kept private, focusing on his professional life.


In wrapping up, our exploration into the life of J Sai Deepak and his wife offers a unique lens through which we can appreciate the blend of personal and professional achievements that define them.

While specific details about his wife remain discreet, they share a commitment to excellence and a life marked by notable accomplishments. Deepak’s journey from engineering to law, combined with his multifaceted interests, underscores the depth of character behind his legal prowess.

Together, they embody a partnership grounded in mutual respect and ambition, inspiring many who look up to them professionally and personally.


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