Jasmine Monjack- All About The Daughter Of Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy, the renowned American actress recognized for her roles in movies such as “Clueless,” “8 Mile,” and “Sin City,” was born on November 10, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Raised in Edison, New Jersey, she began her journey in the entertainment world as a child actress, initially captivating audiences through numerous television commercials. Her breakout into feature films occurred with her role in the 1995 hit “Clueless.”

Additionally, Murphy showcased her talent as a gifted vocalist by releasing several CDs during her career. She graced various events with her performances, such as the 2004 MTV Movie Awards and the 2005 VH1 Big in 05 Awards.

Where Is Jasmine Monjack? Brittany Murphy’s Child

Jasmine Monjack gained recognition as the lesser-known daughter of Simon Mark Monjack, an English dramatist, film director, film producer, and makeup artist, who was famously married to American actress Brittany Murphy. Los Angeles, situated in California (United States), served as their home. However, Simon Monjack had a child outside of his marriage.

On April 10, 1996, Jazmyn Newman, also recognized as Jasmine Monjack, came into the world. Aries is her astrological sign, and she was born in Luton, Bedfordshire, England. Consequently, Jasmine Monjack identifies with white ethnic heritage and holds British nationality.

Jasmine’s father was a renowned screenwriter, while her mother opted to stay at home. Her parents never formalized their union in marriage, and the identity of her sibling remains unknown. Preferring peaceful lives away from the limelight of social media, both parents chose a quiet existence.

Jasmine’s public presence escalated when she disclosed her connection to her father, Simon Monjack, leading her to be recognized as the daughter of the notable figure. It’s important to note that Jasmine’s mother was not Simon’s wife. Simon’s parents were involved in an extramarital affair.

Further details about Jasmine’s past relationships, if any, remain undisclosed. Maintaining a highly private stance, she steers clear of social media platforms.

Who Is Jasmine Monjack’s Father? Investigating the Family

Jasmine Monjack was born to English parents in England, where her mother, Marica Newman, worked from their home. Sadly, Marica, as per reports, has passed away. Jasmine’s parents never formalized their relationship through marriage, and she has a younger brother or sister. Raised in the Jewish faith, Jasmine completed her education at a school in Luton, Bedfordshire, before attending a beauty school in England, possibly inspired by her father’s profession as a makeup artist.

Her father, Simon Monjack, was a multi-talented figure based in Hillingdon, Greater London, England, known as an American writer, makeup artist, director, producer, and media personality. Tragically, at the age of 40, Simon passed away on May 23, 2010, in Los Angeles, California, due to pneumonia and severe anemia.

Simon Monjack had been previously married to Simone Bienne in November 2001, with their marriage ending in divorce in 2006. He then tied the knot with American actress Brittany Murphy in April 2007, in a private Jewish ceremony in Los Angeles. Brittany, sadly, passed away on December 20, 2009, due to pneumonia.

Jasmine’s grandmother is named Lind Monjack, who practices as a hypnotherapist. Her grandfather, William, tragically passed away in 1986 due to a brain tumor in Oxfordshire. As for Jasmine’s younger sister, her name remains undisclosed at this time.

What Will Jasmine Monjack’s Net Worth Be in 2023?

Jasmine is a familiar figure, known both as a well-recognized individual and for her part-time work, as per reports, to make ends meet. Estimates suggest her net worth falls between USD 1-2 million (approx.). Comparatively, her father boasts a net worth of approximately USD 7-8 million.

Having attended a beauty school, it seems likely she harbors an interest in pursuing a career as a cosmetics artist, much like her father, who was also a renowned makeup artist. Reports indicate that Jasmine holds a part-time position at a tanning clinic in Bedfordshire, England.

Her admirers and colleagues fondly recall her brilliance and engaging personality. Still regarded as a beloved figure within the entertainment industry, Jasmine continues to receive praise for her performances from audiences worldwide.


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