Jeff Wittek Credits His Ex-Girlfriend For His Fame

“Jeff Wittek was in a three-year relationship with actress and social influencer Cierra Ramirez, spanning from 2015 to 2018. Despite the relationship’s relatively short duration, Wittek has acknowledged its profound impact on his life and career.”

Jeff Wittek and Cierra Ramirez were married for three years.

“Wittek and Ramirez first crossed paths at a Los Angeles nightclub in early 2015. They hit it off immediately, and by February of that year, they had gone public with their relationship on Instagram. Wittek proudly showcased their love with a photo of himself holding Ramirez in his arms, accompanied by a caption that read,

The former couple regularly shared delightful snapshots of their romantic getaways and casual outings on their respective social media platforms. However, most of these posts have since been removed. Unfortunately, their relationship came to an end by the close of 2018. Yet, in late 2020, the romance, or rather the past relationship, once again made headlines when Wittek credited his success to his former girlfriend.”

He Gives Credit to His Ex-Girlfriend for His Success

“He’s an easy target for hate. But, as a guy with little talent who’s only famous because of his ex-girlfriend, I can relate to Bryce [Hall],” Wittek introduced the other YouTuber when he appeared on Jeff’s Barbershop. According to another conversation Wittek had on Toddy Smith’s YouTube channel in 2018, he gained a lot of social media traction thanks to his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Ramirez.

In fact, their connection was so deeply intertwined with social media that the couple questioned whether they were genuinely in a relationship or simply engaging in something convenient for both of them. They eventually parted ways upon realizing that their careers would not allow for a fulfilling relationship.”

His Career Took Off

During his relationship with Ramirez, Wittek’s career as an actor and social media personality began to soar. In 2016, he starred in two YouTube short films. The turning point came in 2017 when he met Toddy Smith, a member of the Vlog Squad, at an American Express brand event in New York City. They instantly bonded over drinks, both being “drunk out of their minds” at the time.

However, things took a significant turn for the better for the host of Jeff’s Barbershop. In November 2018, while hanging out with his friend Smith, he crossed paths with another popular YouTuber, David Dobrik. Wittek appeared on Dobrik’s channel numerous times in 2018 and 2019, and his own talk show eventually took off. To put it into perspective, Wittek’s YouTube channel had fewer than 5,000 subscribers in November 2018. By February 2019, that number had skyrocketed to 220,000. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.


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