Jestinna Kuan Wiki: What’s Her Ethnicity? Religion And Origin

“Discover more about Jestinna Kuan’s beliefs and family background in this article. While known as a pharmacist and co-founder of UFCO, Jestinna is primarily recognized as an influencer and artist. Her latest hit, ‘Makin’ Me Feel,’ has become one of Malaysia’s biggest successes this year.

Despite her accomplishments, many are unfamiliar with her; she currently boasts 584K Instagram followers under the username jestinna. Her social media presence offers a wealth of insights. However, there have been questions regarding her faith and ethnicity throughout her career. Let’s delve into these aspects together.”

What Is the Religion of Jestinna Kuan?

“26-year-old Kuan hails from Malaysia, where she was born. While she has not publicly disclosed her faith, it’s worth noting that practicing Islam is not a prerequisite for belief in Islam. The specifics of her religious beliefs remain private, as she has not made any public statements.

In Malaysia, a diverse array of faiths is practiced, including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and others, with Muslims making up 18% of the population. While the artist’s religious affiliation remains undisclosed, it is likely that she may address it publicly, given the recurring inquiries about her faith.”

Jestinna Kuan’s Family Information

“Born on October 5, 1997, in Penang, Malaysia, Kuan maintains a private stance on her family life. However, she often appears in public alongside her parents, with whom she shares a close bond. Kuan has two siblings: an older sister named Jestinna Kuan and a younger brother named Perry Kuan. Her relationship with each of them is cherished.

Her parents, filled with pride, have always been supportive of Kuan. She holds a special place in their hearts, and they have backed her career choices wholeheartedly.

Kuan, known for her discretion, keeps her personal life under wraps. She has consistently maintained a separation between her professional endeavors and personal affairs. Beginning her modeling career in 2004, she has remained steadfast in her chosen path. Kuan’s modeling journey began at the age of seven, initially focusing on children’s apparel. Her passion for the brands and products she models shines through in her work.”

Jestinna Kuan’s Ethnicity and Place of Origin

“Kuan was raised in Malaysia, with her heritage stemming from both Asian and White ancestry. As a native of Malaysia, she holds Malaysian citizenship, having never resided in any other country. Her entire family shares Asian descent, given their roots in an Asian nation. Malaysia, Kuan’s birthplace and home, is recognized as an Asian country.

Malaysians typically have Asian backgrounds, with half of the nation’s population hailing from Asian origins. Kuan often communicates in her native language on Instagram posts and stories, reflecting the cultural influence of her mother tongue.

Her album and influencer status have propelled Kuan into the spotlight, garnering significant attention for her work.”

Jestinna Kuan’s Net Worth

“Kuan has maintained privacy regarding her earnings, sparking curiosity among fans about her net worth and career earnings. Celebrity net worth is often a topic of interest among followers. Sources suggest that Kuan’s current net worth falls between $11.7K and $14K. Her earnings stem from her pharmacy degree, as well as her role as a co-founder of UFCO, along with her work as a model and influencer.

It’s possible that Kuan also generates income from other ventures, such as business and investments, details of which she has yet to reveal to the public.”


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