Kaleb Wyse Is Rumored To Be The Husband Of Joel Kratzer

Kaleb Wyse Is Rumored To Be The Husband Of Joel Kratzer

“We just seem to complement each other really well,” mentioned YouTuber Kaleb Wyse regarding his blogging partner Joel Kratzer. The couple has been together for a long time, and there have been rumors circulating that Joel is Kaleb’s spouse.

Although the duo is renowned for their work on the lifestyle YouTube channel Wyse Guide, their followers are evidently intrigued by more than just their YouTube content.

Is Wyse’s husband Joel Kratzer?

On the flip side, fame doesn’t always come with perks. When you’re in the spotlight, every aspect of your life becomes a subject of public interest, with personal matters taking center stage. Kaleb Wyse experienced this firsthand.

Regular viewers of Kaleb’s videos are well aware of his close relationship with blogging partner Joel. Joel handles almost everything behind the scenes in creating their lifestyle content.

Having worked together on their YouTube channel for over a decade, their bond has grown stronger. However, due to their closeness, many speculate about a romantic connection, leading to widespread online searches with rumors suggesting Joel as Kaleb’s spouse. Despite these assumptions, the duo has never confirmed such speculations. Additionally, there is no information about Kaleb being married.

While seemingly unfazed by the rumors, they often share stories about their enduring decade-long partnership and the shared journey driven by a mutual passion.

Wyse Guide’s Beginnings

“Their shared passions and common interests became the foundation of a strong friendship, vividly portrayed in a 2014 video on their YouTube channel. In this video, they recounted the inception of their YouTube channel and the enduring bond they share.

Upon discovering their shared passion, Kaleb and Joel recognized the depth of their connection. Kaleb’s early interests in cooking, gardening, and decorating, influenced by his mother and grandmother, provided the perfect foundation for their shared endeavors.

Joel proposed the idea of a blog to showcase Kaleb’s desirable lifestyle, and with enthusiasm, Kaleb embraced the concept. Their YouTube channel, established in 2012, has garnered 103k followers as of 2021, featuring numerous farm-life advice videos.

Reflecting on their commitment to inspire people towards a simple and serene lifestyle connected with nature, Kaleb remarked,

Right now, we both really enjoy using the talents and skills that we have in these capacities.

As they continue to foster a community through their wholesome content, Kaleb and Joel expanded their vision by creating a website, The Grey Boxwood, providing additional insights into their rural lifestyle.

More On Kaleb

Raised on a farm in Iowa, 33-year-old Kaleb Wyse experienced life through a unique lens. His family’s lifestyle served as the inspiration for his current role as a content creator. Following his education at Mennonite High School, Kaleb enrolled at Mennonite University, earning a degree in business.

However, upon meeting Joel, he shifted gears from business to pursue a career in music. Joel played a crucial role in elevating Kaleb’s passion for cooking and gardening. Together, Kaleb and his blogging partner Joel are making an impact on others through their YouTube channel and website content.


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