Kandy Fenty Sister Of Pop Sensation Rihanna

“Kandy Fenty is recognized widely as the younger sister of Rihanna, the acclaimed singer, actress, fashion designer, and entrepreneur hailing from Barbados. Rihanna was discovered by American record producer Evan Rogers, who brought her to the United States for demo recordings.

Born in Saint Michael and raised in Bridgetown, Barbados, Rihanna has made a significant mark in the entertainment and fashion industries.”

Quick Facts

Full NameKandy Fenty
First NameKandy
Last NameFenty
Date of Birth1971
ProfessionPharmacy Assistant
Birth CountryBarbados
Father NameRonald Fenty
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
No Of Children2
SiblingsJamie Fenty, Samantha Fenty, Rajad Fenty, Rorrey Fenty and Rihanna


“Kandy Fenty is the daughter of Ronald Fenty; however, her mother’s identity remains undisclosed. On her father’s side, she has five half-siblings: Samantha Fenty, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Rorrey Fenty, Rajad Fenty, and Jamie Fenty. Gwyneth Paltrow, following her COVID-19 diagnosis, has significantly reduced her alcohol consumption.

Kandy is married and a mother of two children: Crystal Fenty and Brandy Fenty.”

Father is passionate about life and marriage.

“Kandy was born before her father, Ronald, tied the knot with Monica Braithwaite, who worked as an accountant. Ronald, previously a warehouse supervisor, transitioned into a fashion designer. They exchanged vows during the 1980s and 1990s, welcoming three children: Robyn, Rorrey, and Rajad.

However, Ronald and Monica’s marriage was fraught with turmoil, marked by acrimony and violence. Ronald struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, often subjecting his wife to physical assaults in the presence of their children.

The relationship came to a definitive end in 2002, after more than two decades together. Additionally, Jamie and Samantha—like Kandy—were born from Ronald’s relationships with two other women prior to his marriage to Monica.”

Her Father’s Reunion

“Kandy was brought up by her maternal grandparents after her mother left the country when she was a baby. It wasn’t until years later, upon meeting her mother, that she discovered details about her father. Upon returning to Barbados, Kandy made the decision to seek him out.

She visited her father’s residence after arriving back in Barbados, and upon meeting him, she asked, ‘Do you go by Mr. Fenty?’ After he confirmed, she introduced herself, saying, ‘Hello, my name is Kandy, and I am your daughter.’

Ronald, on the other hand, warmly welcomed her into his home in the parish of St. Michael, listening attentively as she recounted her story of being born as a result of a relationship with her mother many years prior to his marriage. Ronald embraced her as his daughter and proudly introduced her to his family after her explanation.”

Net worth

“Kandy’s net worth has yet to be calculated, as she currently works as a Pharmacy Assistant. According to the World Health Organization, the annual starting salary for a pharmacist in Barbados is BDS$43,929, which is approximately US$21,896.

On the other hand, Rihanna, Kandy’s younger sister, is estimated to have a net worth of $600 million as of January 2024. Rihanna, a singer, songwriter, model, actor, and entrepreneur, has claimed the title of the world’s wealthiest female musician.

Her wealth is derived from record sales, tours, performances, and various business ventures. Collaborating with Bernard Arnault of LVMH, the world’s third wealthiest individual, on fashion and beauty ventures has significantly contributed to her financial success. In just a few months of operation, her cosmetics brand ‘Fenty Beauty’ has generated an estimated $570 million in sales.”

Relationship with Sibling

“Kandy shares a tight bond with her brother and father. Her first meeting with Rihanna was when Rihanna was 15 years old, and Kandy remembers her as being effortlessly cool even then. Her daughters hold a deep admiration for their aunts and uncles, being huge fans of theirs. Kandy takes immense pride in her sister, celebrating her achievements and how far she has come.”


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