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Kia Sonet Accessories Detailed!

Kia Sonet: As of late last year, customers may choose between a new Kia model, the Sonet. Since then, it’s evolved into a formidable rival in the thriving subcompact SUV industry. Kia updated the SUV’s available trim levels earlier this month with ten new choices and two new tiers. Further information on the alterations is available at the link provided. A variety of exterior and interior accessories are available for purchase with an SUV, and their prices are detailed below.

Kia dresses up the Sonet’s exterior with several chrome trim pieces. These embellishments can be placed on the vehicle’s front and rear bumpers, side mirrors, door pulls, fog lights, wheel wells, reflector, and window frame. Other helpful additions include mud flaps, bumper guards, body side molding, and door visors.

There are four different interior covers to pick from. Deep amber brown, shell grey, raven black with a red accent, and grey flaunt with ink black are just a few examples. The mats can be purchased with either a carpeted or PVC surface. Both the back windscreen and windows can be shaded from the sun. Other options include a vacuum cleaner, pillows for the back of the seat, and a cover for the keys.

The pricing for all of the available add-ons are listed below.

Kia Sonet
Kia Sonet

Mudflap – Rs 489

Bumper protectors satin black – Rs 770

Headlamp garnish chrome – Rs 999

Tail lamp garnish chrome – Rs 1,299

Fog lamp garnish chrome – Rs 629

Twin hood scoops – Rs 999

ORVM garnish chrome – Rs 799

Wheel arc garnish chrome – Rs 1,799

Side fins – Rs 799

Body side molding chrome – Rs 1,990

Window beading chrome – Rs 1,639

Door visor – Rs 2,279

Door handle chrome – Rs 909

Finger guard chrome – Rs 899

Sidestep – Rs 14,999

Boot garnish chrome – Rs 789

Door sill guard – Rs 779

Rear reflector garnish – Rs 649

Number plate garnish silver – Rs 799

Door striker cover – Rs 439

Blind spot mirror – Rs 399

Car cover – Rs 4,109

Cabin mats – Rs 1,359 to Rs 2,799

Trunk mat – Rs 1,885

Sunshade – rear glass – Rs 919

Sunshade – front window – Rs 1,649

Headrest cushion – Rs 1,249

Key cover – Rs 626

Seat covers – Rs 5,242 to Rs 5,512

Vacuum cleaner – Rs 2,169

Kia Sonet Accessories Price List

Headlamp Garnish Chrome Rs. 999
Tail Lamp Garnish Chrome Rs. 1,299
Rear Reflector Garnish Chrome Rs. 649
Wheel Arch Garnish Chrome Rs. 1,799
Body Side Moulding Chrome Rs. 1,990
Door Visor Chrome Insert Rs. 2,279
Mud Flaps Rs. 491

Interior Accessories

3D Trunk Mat Rs. 1,885
3D Cabin Mat Rs. 2,799
Headrest Cushion Rs. 1,249
Lumbar Support Rs. 876
Ganesha Ceramic Rs. 304
Car Perfume Euphoric Rs. 397
Tissue Box Rs. 589
Micro Fiber Cloth Rs. 99
Coat Hanger Rs. 2,391

Kia Sonet Accessories Kit

Chrome Garnish on Headlight Rs 999
Chrome Garnish on Taillight Rs 1299
Rear Reflector Garnish Rs 649
Wheel Arch Garnish Rs 1799
Chrome Accent on Body Side Molding Rs 1990
Chrome Insert on Sun Door Visor Rs 2279
Mud Flaps Rs 491
3D Cabin Mat Rs 2799
3D Boot Mat Rs 1885
Car Perfume Rs 397
Headrest Cushion Rs 1249
Lumbar Support Rs 876
Tissue Box Rs 589
Microfiber Cloth Rs 99
Coat Hanger Rs 2391
Sunshade Rear Glass Rs 919
Sunshade Front Window Rs 1649
Key Cover Rs 626
PU Seat Cover with Fitment Charges Rs 6000
Chrome Window Beading Rs 1640
Chrome Door Visor Rs 2279
Chrome Door Handle Rs 909
Chrome Boot Garnish Rs 789
Side Step for Easy Ingress, Egress Rs 15000
Alloy Wheels (16 Inch similar to what seen in HTX Plus for HTK, HTK Plus, HTX Model) – Indicative Price Rs 35000
Door Sill Guard Rs 779

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