Mahindra battery

Mahindra to Disrupt Electric Vehicle Market with BYD Blade Batteries

Mahindra, one of India’s major SUV manufacturers, boasts diverse products, from the Bolero to the flagship XUV700. Alongside traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, Mahindra is actively venturing into electric cars (EVs), generating significant excitement. Concepts of these forthcoming EVs have already been showcased, signaling the manufacturer’s commitment to electric mobility. Notably, Mahindra entered a partnership with Volkswagen a year ago to procure components like batteries and electric motors for their EV lineup. However, recent reports indicate a shift towards utilizing blade cell batteries sourced from BYD.

Mahindra battery

While the collaboration with Volkswagen posed more challenges than anticipated, Mahindra’s openness to other options led them to engage with BYD. The upcoming Mahindra EVs are set to utilize two battery sizes: a 60 kWh and an 80 kWh battery pack, both employing LFP technology. Initially, Volkswagen was slated to supply the 60 kWh unit, while BYD was set to contribute the larger 80 kWh pack, using their blade cell technology.

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According to a report from Autocar, due to delays on Volkswagen’s end, Mahindra is pivoting to source both the 60 kWh and 80 kWh battery packs from BYD until Volkswagen is prepared with their next-generation unified cell technology, expected around 2026-27. This new design offers several advantages over older LFP cells, including larger size, higher energy density, and enhanced heat management. This translates to improved driving range and faster charging times.

BYD’s advanced blade cells will not be produced in India, necessitating their import from China. This import cost will inevitably impact the final pricing of electric cars. Aside from batteries, the electric motor for the Mahindra XUV.e8 electric SUV will be supplied by French component provider Valeo. The XUV.e8 is the electric version of the XUV700, presented last year. The design patent for the XUV.e8 SUV’s production version has already surfaced online.

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While resembling the XUV700, it’s crucial to note that the XUV.e8 and other future Mahindra EVs are built on a novel platform — the INGLO skateboard platform, tailor-made for electric vehicles. The XUV.e8 will measure 4,740mm in length, 1,900mm in width, and 1,760mm in height, boasting a wheelbase 45mm longer, 10mm wider, and 5mm taller than the XUV700. An AWD system will be available, and the battery pack’s capacity will be 80 kWh.

Anticipated to deliver between 230 PS and 350 PS, the XUV.e8 is part of Mahindra’s broader electric SUV lineup, including models like the XUV.e9 and BE.05. Mahindra is targeting a market launch for the XUV.e8 electric SUV by late 2024.

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