Mark Normand’s Girlfriend Mae Planert Shared The Story Of How She Met Normand

Mark Normand is an American stand-up comedian and actor who embarked on his journey into stand-up comedy in 2006 in his hometown of New Orleans. Since then, he has graced the stages of notable shows such as Conan, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, both in the United States and abroad.

Mark Normand’s Girlfriend

Mark Normand and his girlfriend Mae Planert initially crossed paths on stage during one of his comedy performances. With over 15 years of stand-up experience under his belt, Mark has become a household name among comedy enthusiasts. While he solidified his status as a beloved comedian at the age of 37, he shares a common ground with someone special in his life who also thrives in the comedic realm.

His partner, Mae Planert, is also a talented stand-up comedian, and their relationship has stood the test of time. Mark’s material often presents fresh perspectives, captivating both fellow comedians and audiences alike. His penchant for genre-bending jokes once sparked rumors within the LGBT community, as he humorously played with the notion of being “a bit queer.” However, his genuine connection with Mae puts any such speculations to rest.

Normand and Planert have been a couple since around 2015, and Mae shared the amusing tale of their first encounter as guests on the podcast “A Relationship Tale.” During the podcast, she recounted how she found herself at Normand’s show while on a date with another gentleman. Afterward, unable to shake off thoughts of Mark’s comedic genius, she confided in her roommate, who encouraged her to reach out to the comedian.

How Mae Planert Got Into Comedy

When their relationship began, Mae Planert wasn’t yet involved in comedy. Her interest in the craft developed over time, but initially, she hesitated to openly pursue it. Mae was concerned that if she succeeded, people might attribute her achievements solely to having a well-known comedian boyfriend. Consequently, she decided not to seek Mark Normand’s assistance and kept her budding interest in comedy a secret from him.

In fact, Mark remained unaware of Mae’s foray into stand-up comedy until they were both booked for the same event six months later. It was then that he discovered Mae’s comedic talents, which had been quietly flourishing behind the scenes.

Dating and Comedy with Mae Planert and Mark Normand

As both Mae Planert and Mark Normand are comedians, they tend to avoid discussing comedy with each other. Mae has mentioned that because they already have careers in comedy, they find it best to keep it separate from their relationship. This approach has also allowed Mae to develop her own comedic style independently, as she chose not to seek Mark’s advice and remains relatively unaffected by his influence in this regard.

She highlighted that even though they might both talk about the same event, their comedic takes on it are often quite different. Their decision to keep their comedy professions distinct from their relationship has proven beneficial, and they frequently share posts about each other on social media. While their intentions regarding marriage remain unclear, they clearly enjoy each other’s company and support in their respective careers.


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