Match Your Whole Crew With Custom Luggage Sets

You’ve been planning this family vacation for months. You found the best flights and the top hotels. You know where you’re going to eat and which activities will entertain the kids. Now it’s time to evaluate your luggage. Don’t ruin your carefully planned trip with luggage that is too old and worn to make the journey with you. Matching luggage sets for the whole family are the perfect solution.

Build Your Own Set Of Two or Three

Having all your items at your fingertips right when you need them is the essence of luxurious travel. Combine carry-ons, dopp kits, and rolling check-ins for all your travel needs. The most common choices for a matching luggage set include:

  • Carry-on Roller Bags – Look for bags that meet airline requirements for size, typically close to 16″ wide, 23″ high, and 10″ deep.
  • Medium Check-in Roller Bags – These are large enough to accommodate several days’ worth of clothing and two pairs of shoes.
  • Large Check-in Roller Bags – Often measuring 20″ by 30″ and 12″ deep, these large suitcases are meant for major journeys of a week or more.
  • Dopp Kits – Designed to hold cosmetics and toiletries, they are all the cuter if they match your larger bags.
  • Backpack – A travel backpack can be roomier and more expansive than the old style you carried to school. Find one with a full-zip opening that allows for easy loading of clothing and shoes.

Other possibilities to consider for your matching set include tote bags, crossbody bags, and weekender carry-alls. Any of these can become a key player in your vacation packing plans.

Don’t Forget The Kids!

Investing in quality kids luggage makes your job easier. Well-designed suitcases for children make packing their stuff a lot easier. Often they will enjoy taking on this chore themselves. If you buy a sturdy rolling bag proportioned for kids, they can haul it themselves through the airport, easing your burden.

When choosing luggage for kids, make sure you get the features you need, such as:

  • Durable, easy-to-clean, hard-sided construction
  • Retractable trolley handle
  • Exterior zipper pockets
  • Butterfly opening with four-point compression straps
  • Pouches to separate dirty laundry
  • Padded laptop sleeve

Look for dimensions in the 17″ high, 9″ deep, and 17″ long range. These measurements are a nice average size for three- to eight-year-olds. If the suitcase is well-built and sturdy enough, it can double as seating for those long waits in the security lines.

Faster Luggage Pick-Up

One of the joys of matching luggage sets for the whole family is easy pickup at the baggage carousel. When the kids suitcase matches the adult’s, the entire process is much quicker. There’s only one type of bag and color to look out for.

Start your search for new luggage today by making a list of your must-have details. Interior mesh pockets? A trolley sleeve? Whatever you need, write it down. Then search online and in local retail stores for matching sets sized appropriately for the whole family. Enjoy your trip!


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