Matt Steffanina Is Happy With His Current Girlfriend After Ending A Five-Year Relationship.

Matt Steffanina Is Happy With His Current Girlfriend After Ending A Five-Year Relationship.

Matt Steffanina, having ended his engagement with longtime sweetheart and dance partner Dana Alexa, is currently embracing a new relationship with Destiny Kaye. Steffanina and Alexa, the street dance duo, shared a close bond for five years.

The breakup was challenging for their fans, as they consistently brought vibrancy to the screen with their dance collaborations.

The previously engaged choreographers had been a source of inspiration for many aspiring dancers. However, Steffanina has moved forward from his past relationship with Alexa and is currently occupied creating TikTok videos with his new partner.

Steffanina Has Been With Her Current Girlfriend For Two years.

Steffanina has been in a relationship with his current girlfriend, Destiny Kaye, for nearly two years. According to Kaye’s one-year anniversary post on July 20, 2020, they started dating in July 2019.

Their relationship became Instagram official when Steffanina was first featured on Kaye’s Instagram on July 15, 2019, and the couple decided to make it official around that time. Since the official announcement on July 20, both have frequently mentioned each other in their social media posts.

Kaye, a TikTok star and dancer, has aspirations of becoming a well-known model. Additionally, she runs a YouTube channel where she shares makeup tutorials and try-on videos.

Steffanina Had A Past with Fiancée  Dana Borriello, Before Kaye

Steffanina was in a relationship with fellow dancer Dana Borriello, known as Dana Alexa in dance circles, for a little over five years before they ended their engagement. They had become engaged in May 2012, exchanging rings during their relationship.

The former engaged couple participated in various dance competitions together and even won Season 28 of The Amazing Race. The news of their breakup spread rapidly when Alexa posted a video about it in April 2020. In the video, she clarified that they were engaged but separated at the time.

Alexa expressed contentment with being single after spending the majority of her life in a long-term relationship. Despite their lengthy time together, she mentioned an amicable separation.

Responding to a fan’s question about whether she “hated Matt,” Alexa revealed that she was engaged and soon to be married to another dancer. The couple shared a life, including living together, traveling together, and building what is likely Steffanina’s well-known dance academy.

She emphasized that she did not harbor resentment toward Steffanina and expressed gratitude for the years they spent together. Alexa chose not to delve into the details of their relationship, considering it would be disrespectful to him and their shared experiences as a couple.

Regarding a specific aspect of their breakup, Alexa conveyed her desire not to be defined solely as “Matt’s ex” because she is an individual in her own right. She acknowledged the likelihood of being referred to as Steffanina’s ex, given societal norms, despite her wish to be recognized independently.


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