Meet Dr Geraldine Lee Husband, Jo Chieng: Do They Have Children? Wiki & Family

“Jo Chieng is happily married to Dr. Geraldine Lee and they are proud parents of two children. Dr. Lee is a highly accomplished orthodontist with an impressive academic background. She graduated from the prestigious National University of Singapore (NUS) with honors on the Dean’s List and was awarded the University Bronze Medal.

Furthering her education at NUS, she obtained a Master of Dental Surgery in Orthodontics. Dr. Lee’s clinical skills are highlighted by her Orthodontic Membership from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, where she was recognized as the Best Overseas Candidate. Her credentials also include membership in the Singapore Academy of Medicine and registration as a Dental Specialist in Orthodontics with the Singapore Dental Council.

In addition to her professional achievements, Dr. Lee served as the President of the Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) from 2015 to 2017. As for Jo Chieng’s profession, it has not been publicly disclosed.”

Meet Jo Chieng, Dr Geraldine Lee’s husband.

“Dr. Geraldine Lee, the accomplished orthodontist and director of the Orthodontic Clinic, enjoys a fulfilling personal life alongside her successful professional career. She shares a happy marriage with her spouse, Jo Chieng, although the details of their wedding remain private. Despite this privacy, their bond appears strong and deep, evident in their shared interests and life together beyond the public eye.

Jo Chieng, self-described as a ‘Minimalist Globetrotter,’ remains a bit of an enigma in the public sphere, with scant details about his professional endeavors. However, a glimpse into his world can be found on his Instagram page, which reflects his passions and pursuits. Jo’s love for travel and exploration shines through in his captivating photographs from around the world.

Not only does Jo relish his adventures, but he also seems to have a refined palate for diverse cuisines and delicacies. It seems possible that Jo Chieng is carving out his niche as an emerging Instagram personality, sharing his love for travel, culinary experiences, and minimalist living.

What truly stands out is Jo’s deep connection to his family, especially his beloved wife, Geraldine Lee. His Instagram feed is adorned with delightful photos of the couple cherishing sweet moments together. With each captivating image and accompanying story, Jo offers glimpses into their evolving journey, filled with globe-trotting escapades and culinary discoveries, much to the delight of their followers.”

Geraldine Lee Is the Mother of Two Sons.

Dr. Geraldine Lee also takes on the role of a devoted mother to her two wonderful children. Her journey into motherhood brought Jake into the world on November 8, 2010, followed by Cameron on September 14, 2013. Balancing a thriving professional career with the joys and responsibilities of motherhood, Geraldine exemplifies the ability to blend both seamlessly.

Her relationship with her boys goes beyond the conventional parent-child dynamic, resembling a close friendship. Through her Instagram posts, glimpses of their family adventures reveal travels around the globe, ticking off items from their bucket list. These trips are not just about exploring new places but also about creating cherished moments together, instilling in Jake and Cameron a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Dining together is a cherished ritual for Geraldine, where she engages in meaningful conversations with her sons, fostering a deep bond. It’s heartening to witness the special connection her boys share not only with their mother but also with their grandparents. The family’s joint travel posts on Instagram emphasize the importance of family ties and the joy derived from shared experiences.

Dr. Geraldine Lee’s dedication to her family mirrors her commitment to creating smiles, whether in her orthodontic practice or as a loving mother. The smiles she aims to create extend far beyond the realm of orthodontics, taking the form of her two adorable boys.”


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