Ola Electric’s Electric Motorcycles Are the Future of Transportation!

On a momentous occasion today, Ola Electric has yet again etched an indelible imprint on the automotive terrain, unfurling the curtain on its eagerly awaited debut electric motorcycle. Ola Electric’s monumental step into electric motorcycles sets the stage for an awe-inspiring movement poised to outpace competitors, leaving an indomitable legacy that would require considerable time to rival.


Now, let’s delve into the intricate specifics of Ola Electric’s pioneering motorcycle, uncovering the array of exciting features that the bike is set to offer discerning customers.


Cruiser OLA

With an effortlessly relaxed stance and sensuous contours, the Cruiser is purpose-built for relishing the open road and the exhilarating sense of liberation it offers. Its design exudes both maturity and an air of foreboding, accentuated by touches of refined bodywork. The ethereal upper body seamlessly merges with the bike’s rear section, creating a commanding visual impact and endowing it with a taut and compelling side profile.

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This bike is tailor-made for those who relish showcasing their electric bicycles, perfectly suited for intracity commutes. It boasts an estimated range of 200-250 km. At a glance, its aesthetic resemblance to specific Ducati models is unmistakable.

Featuring a single swing arm, the rear wheel sports a 17-inch wheel adorned with a solitary disc. In contrast, the front wheel stands proud with its 19-inch size, accompanied by USD forks and dual discs. The slender and gracefully curvaceous tail light adds a distinctive touch.

Notably, the Cruiser has been designed with a solo rider in mind, as evident from the absence of any visible support structure for a second passenger.


Adventure OLA

For thrill-seekers and adrenaline enthusiasts, the Adventure model embodies purpose, robustness, and unwavering stability. Its tall, muscular, and upright stance introduces an element of clarity and singularity to its intent, setting it apart amidst the sea of adventure bikes. The Adventure model is a testament to conquering unexplored terrain, maintaining awareness of one’s surroundings, and fostering a harmonious connection with the bike on paths less traveled.

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Designed to excel on extended journeys, the Ola Electric Adventure is tailored for exhilarating escapades on diverse and challenging landscapes, including hilly terrains.

As emphasized by the founder, if your heart yearns for mountainous vistas, the Adventure model is your steadfast companion. Destinations like Leh Ladakh serve as ideal playgrounds for the prowess of this adventure-oriented bike.

The dashboard is estimated to measure 5 inches in size, ensuring accessible and informative displays for riders.

Featuring a 19-inch wheel at the front and a 17-inch wheel at the rear, the Adventure model guarantees optimal traction and stability, allowing riders to tackle diverse surfaces with confidence.


Roadester OLa

Breaking away from the conventions of traditional motorcycle design, the Roadster model embraces a deconstructed aesthetic that unequivocally underscores the principle of form following function. The Roadster exudes an aura of dynamism, as evidenced by the flowing elements encircling the charger cowling. This intentional design choice imbues the bike with an air of playfulness, agility, authenticity, and unwavering focus.

Designed with the demands of daily commuting in mind, the Ola Electric Roadster is perfectly suited for traversing urban landscapes, including commutes to offices and various public places.

Interestingly, among all the showcased models, the Roadster is a step ahead in terms of development. It has been seen being ridden by the Ola team, indicating that it might be in the third or fourth stage of its development cycle.

Equipped with a dual front disc and a single rear disc with a chained drive, the Roadster model ensures reliable braking performance and balanced power delivery.

The display boasts a 5-inch size, ensuring clear and accessible information for riders.


OLAOLA diamond head

Positioned as Ola Electric’s flagship motorcycle, the Diamondhead embodies an essence of perpetual motion through its commanding lines and bold design elements. The bike’s aesthetic marries simplicity, form, and function seamlessly, allowing the rider to remain deeply engaged in the unadulterated joy of riding. Notably, the main headlamp is ingeniously placed above the front bumper, creating a stealthy and aerodynamic profile that adds to its allure.

The Diamondhead stands as a pinnacle of futuristic electric bike design. Its conical front, complemented by a digital dashboard, provides riders with easy access to their ride statistics, enhancing the overall user experience.

Primarily catering to the super sports biking segment, the Diamondhead promises an unparalleled blend of performance and style.

The design language of the Diamondhead exhibits resemblances to the revolutionary Tesla Cybertruck, possibly drawing inspiration from the iconic electric vehicle manufacturer.

Setting it apart from the rest, the Diamondhead boasts a unique platform that distinguishes it from the other three bike models in the lineup.

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In terms of braking, the front wheels are equipped with dual discs, while the rear wheel features a single disc, ensuring precise control.

With a slightly bent mono-shock and a motor connected via a belt-type mechanism, the Diamondhead manifests advanced engineering to deliver an exceptional riding experience.

Launch of Ola Electric Bikes

Ola Electric’s ambitious journey continues to unfold, with its highly anticipated quartet of electric bikes slated for a grand debut by the end of 2024. The Founder, Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal, shared this exciting revelation during a live event today, igniting anticipation among enthusiasts.

Bearing a global perspective, these electric bikes are designed to transcend borders and elevate the standards of electric mobility in the worldwide EV bike segment. A remarkable twist to the narrative is that these bikes will be manufactured in India, signifying the nation’s pivotal role in shaping the future of electric transportation on a global scale.

As we eagerly await this groundbreaking milestone, stay connected with us for captivating blogs that deliver the latest updates from the dynamic realm of electric vehicles. Your journey into the electrifying world of innovation and sustainability continues with us.

How to Book Ola Electric Bike?

Ola Electric has taken the electrifying experience one step further by commencing the pre-booking phase for all four of its remarkable electric bikes. Enthusiasts and prospective riders can now be part of this revolutionary movement by visiting the official Ola Electric website and navigating to the dedicated Electric Bike Segment.

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Embarking on this journey of anticipation and excitement is as simple as clicking “Explore More.” This gateway leads you to the Reserve section, where you can secure your spot in line to pre-book any of the four electrifying models. As the wheels of progress turn, don’t miss the chance to be among the pioneers in shaping the future of electric mobility with Ola Electric.

How much money will have to be paid for pre-booking the Ola electric bike?

Ola Electric has made the path to electric innovation accessible and enticing by introducing a pre-booking process for their four extraordinary electric motorcycles. Enthusiasts and prospective riders can secure their place in this electrifying journey by submitting a token amount of Rs.999/-. This nominal fee not only demonstrates your interest and commitment but also marks your entry into the future of sustainable mobility with Ola Electric.

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