Preventive Dentistry For Kids: Tips And Techniques Recommended By Children’s Dentists

Proper dental care is vital in kids, and parents play a very critical role of training their children on how to best maintain their teeth. The importance of early dental care for children cannot be overstressed and this holds true for many reasons. The behavior a person picks as a child will remain with them regardless of how old they grow. In addition, preventing gum diseases and tooth issues will not only help you to avoid the dentist’s place, but also time, money, and discomfort can be saved. 

Now, let us introduce the principles of preventive dental care for kids and find out what effective measures can protect their teeth throughout childhood and adulthood. Here are some more practical ‘how to keep your child’s teeth healthy’ suggestions from children’s dentists.

Understanding Preventive Dentistry for Kids

This is a sub branch of dentistry, which aims at dealing with the gums and the teeth to ensure that they do not decay, get infected, or develop any other health problem. Consequently, for children, it will mean regular dental check up and also educating the proper manners of handling teeth at this young age. Failure to clean, floss and take care of our teeth should begin to be explained to children at a young age. It therefore needs to be considered a priority to take your child to the childrens dentist in Bakersfield for a dental check up so that if there is a problem it can be addressed as soon as possible.

Daily Dental Care Techniques

Research that has been done by the dentists indicates that children should brush their teeth at least two times in a day using a fluoridated toothpaste. 

Additionally, the dentists recommend daily flossing because it reaches between the teeth as well as the gum lines, where the toothbrush cannot completely reach. Teaching your child to floss may begin once two teeth are adjacent to one another. If using the regular floss is not possible, parents may try using floss sticks or floss picks instead.

Childrens Dentist in Bakersfield Recommends Healthy Eating for Healthy Teeth

It is necessary to mention that the diet children eat also affects their oral health. Sweet and processed foods are always filled with sugar and starch, which fuels the bacteria in the mouth leading to decay. It is therefore encouraged that children should consume foods that are healthy, for instance fruits, vegetables, and cheese because they can remove stains of teeth and wash out acids which may be present in the mouth.

Hydration with water and particularly fluoridated water, helps to eliminate food particles and regulate the pH of the oral cavity. And remember, the best drink for dental health is water, instead of the sweetened beverages such as soda, or even fruit juice.

Extra Oral Hygiene Methods Other than Regular Brushing and Flossing

Besides regular cleaning, there are other measures to safeguard the little ones’ teeth. Dental sealants are one of the most widely used preventative treatments that are advised by dentists. These thin, protective coatings are used on the biting surfaces of the rear teeth (molars) where most of the cavities develop in kids. Sealants help to stop food particles and bacteria from settling in the grooves on the teeth surfaces and minimize cavities, thus leading to healthy teeth and gums.

Another protective gear that children use, while engaging in sports, is a mouthguard. A mouth guard is useful to guard kids against broken teeth and injuries to the lips and face, and in some circumstances, the jaws.


Through these methods of preventive dentistry, parents can effectively reduce the risk of their children suffering from dental diseases for a lifetime. Remember, teaching children how to have good oral hygiene is a blend of care at home and professional care by a children’s dentist in Bakersfield. Early dental care is not only a tool to protect children’s teeth from cavities, it also explains to kids that they need to take care of their body.


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