Rachel Shoaf Married A Fellow Convict While Imprisoned For Her Crime

Rachel Shoaf gained notoriety during her teenage years due to the tragic incident in 2012 when she, along with her friend Sheila Eddy, was involved in the killing of her closest friend Skylar Neese. The case stirred controversy for an extended period, capturing widespread attention.

More recently, Rachel has once again made headlines for reportedly getting married to another prisoner while serving time for her crime. The details about Rachel having a spouse are unclear, leading to widespread speculation online, particularly regarding her potential involvement in a lesbian relationship related to the murder case.

Is Rachel Shoaf Married?

Beyond a few discussions on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media platforms, it remains unclear whether Rachel is married to a woman. Some social media posts mention Amy Nicole Cobb as Rachel’s alleged spouse, yet without official confirmation, these claims remain unverified.

However, Rachel’s relationship with her friend Sheila, which came to light during the murder case investigation, has led to speculation about Rachel’s past inclinations towards romantic involvement with women.

The Inside Story of the Notorious Murder Case

Rachel, Sheila, and Skylar, a trio of close friends in their adolescence, slipped out of their homes on the night of December 12, 2012. Sadly, only two of them returned home.

Initially, Rachel and Sheila remained silent about their actions, fabricating a story that they had dropped Skylar off near her home that fateful night. However, as suspicions mounted, Rachel eventually confessed over a month later.

She disclosed that she and Sheila had fatally stabbed Skylar and concealed her body in the woods of Pennsylvania.

Moreover, when asked about the motive behind the murder, Rachel simply stated, “We just didn’t like her.” However, this confession appeared perplexing given the trio’s prior inseparable bond, leading the case to take a different turn during subsequent investigations.

Prior to the murder, Skylar cryptically tweeted, “just know I know,” suggesting there was more to the story. This prompted police to discover Skylar’s journal, which revealed her observations of intimate interactions between Rachel and Sheila.

This revelation raised the possibility that Skylar’s knowledge of their relationship motivated the murder, as the girls may have sought to conceal their sexual connection.

While the exact motive remains uncertain, Sheila received a life sentence in prison, while Rachel was sentenced to 30 years for second-degree murder. Additionally, the case shed light on the negligence of the convicted killers’ parents in properly parenting their children.

What Are Rachel’s Parents’ Names?

Rachel’s crime garnered national attention, but the spotlight also turned to her parents’ identities. Rachel Shoaf was born to Patricia Shoaf and Rusty Shoaf, hailing from a middle-class family background.

Her mother pursued a career in communication, while her father was involved in the clothing business. Patricia had previously gone through a divorce and remarriage, leading Rachel to live with her mother and stepfather.

What happened to her?

Now 25 years old, Rachel is currently serving her sentence at the Lake Correctional Center in Mason County, West Virginia, alongside her friend Sheila, who is also incarcerated there.

Prior to this, she was held at West Virginia’s Northern Regional Juvenile Detention Center before being transferred to the maximum-security prison.


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