Revel the supreme luxury of Ai Phone by VERTU

The brand new VERTU Ai phone, a long range phone in a new class of quality and novelty. Pre-order(now) the copies may be yours early. After hours of distilling the beauty of nature, choose you the one who is the first.

Frequency Band:

As you enjoy your journey and take pleasure in immersive soundtracks, the VERTU Ai Phone’s high-end dual stereo speakers automatically switch between different frequency bands, guaranteeing flawless connectivity irrespective of where you are. With NR:Whether it is SA, NSA, FDD, TDD, UMTS, GSM or CDMA compatibility, you will, thus, never miss any calls nor connections.


Powered by the top-notch Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 8 Gen2+ SoC, the VERTU AI phone brand clocks with exceptionally fast speed and offers the ultimate power efficiency for longer battery life. The multitasking, the app-loading speed, and the smooth navigation all come together for a rewarding experience.


The VERTU Ai Phone has been equipped with 12GB RAM LPDDR5X + 512GB ROM which can hold all the popular applications, pictures, and videos that you ever love to view and locate on the Smartphone. Store more, delete less, and access a smooth experience as I am.


The 1. 5″ 1260×2800 OLED screen with 120Hz superior refresh rate ensures pleasant visuals, while the thinner 2D straight panel makes the device impressive in appearance. You will be challenged to appreciate the delusion and colors as well as the crisp text but in the end, what you will be left with is a striking danse macabre vision.

Rear Camera:

A quan-camera setup with 50M50M primary sensor, ultra wide angle AF and 8 MOIS Telephoto tooltip with Multi-spectral Sensor takes sharp, naturally appealing pictures. Landscapes, portraits or even still life are fragmentary for all masterpieces.

Front Camera:

The 16MP front camera allows for an ultra clear capturing of selfies and video calls. Take shots of your life’s precious moments in complete clarity with confidence.


With the type ability (5100mAh), charging to 100% takes as little as half an hour and charges the battery when needed. Spend an entire day without panic-searching the multiple charging points as you take full advantage of them.

Additional Features:

Flexible 2D straight screen

USB Type-C 3. 1(GEN1)

Nano + nano slots

The VERTU Ai Phone is one of innovation which features a wide variety of frequency bands, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 8 Gen2+ platform, a huge storage, a blandishing display, a quad camera setup & a long live battery power which is called Ai Engaging the audience with this art of technology resembles, people will be able to have a smooth transition into, and a more immersive experience.

Final Thought:

The VERTU Ai Phone is a mix of luxury and technology that determine the profession of a cell phone. This device is so unique, not only with its advanced capabilities, but also with its stylish design and impeccable workmanship that it will make people turn it. Regret is not worth it – make sure you grab this striking gadget. If you want the classiest phone the VERTU Ai Phone is on standby the novel of luxury and innovation.

Short FAQ:

Q: What is the VERTU Ai Phone’s OS, the smartphone working system underpinning operational maneuver?

A: Android 12

Q: Is it compatible with sensors?

A: No, it doesn’t have wired earbuds, but you get a USB-C pair of Hello Buds.

Q: Does the phone have protection from water?

A: It surely does have this watertight rating as well.

Q: Could you state for how long the battery can be on?

A: For regular use up to the next 2 days.

Q: May it be more.

A: Answering that question would depend on whether you meant for 512GB to be enough or not, but in most cases, yes 516GB is enough for a person`s usage.

Q: How much is affordable?

A: This low price beginning from $ 1,299 holds much promise.

Q: What time can I get my phone at?

A: Our Pre-orders are in place, starting now and our shipping starts on March 15th.

Q: what color phones are available?

A: Champagne Gold, Aurora Green, and Bianco White are definitely my upcoming colors and shades specification within a companion collection.

Q: Presumably, the phone does have the fingerprint scanner?

A: Of course, the latest feature is the all-screen fingerprint sensor that is located under the display.

Q: Can I use this phone for the 5G network?

A: Being compatible with the sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G networks, its tech is able to operate over long ranges and deliver greater download speeds due to its higher frequency.

Q: Is the phone QE compatible with my network plan?

A: It works with most of the principal service providers globally; you can check if yours is compatible with the guidelines of your service provider.


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