SASSA Appeal Process

If you’re a South African who have met rejection from the SASSA approval team regarding your grant application, there is a solution.

You can either reapply or appeal, we will be emphasizing specifically on appeal, but before you appeal it is important you understand the distinction between these two terms.

Sassa appeal is usually held just after rejection in which you only have to perform simple clicks and your previous information will be used for reconsideration.

But in reapplying, you apply from scratch, in this, you may have to provide all your important information to SASSA from a new start.

It will always be fruitful if you appeal rather than reapply because this lowers the work at the end of SASSA for processing.

Also, the biggest reason in the rejection of the SASSA application is wrong details filling in the eform, learn more about SASSA eforms.

How to Appeal 

To appeal to SASSA only requires a few minutes as your information is already saved with SASSA, you just have to be very careful about explaining your deservingness for the grant approval. To appeal follow the procedure, or for more detailed process learn more here.

Open your SASSA account, you don’t have to make a new account, just log in to your old account and click on applications.

Then click on appeal and write your appeal on a fresh white plain paper on which you have to explain your point and clearly state why you need the grant and why you think you deserve one.

You can also state the problem due to which your previous application is rejected.

Scan the copy of your appeal letter upload it to your SASSA account, and press the submit button.

Your appeal is submitted to SASSA, how simple.

While You appeal to SASSA you should be keeping in mind some important points that will make your appeal acceptance chances higher.

While you appeal, don’t change the grant type, this will make SASSA suspicious about you. If you are interested in a Child Support Grant, clearly highlight your grant in the appeal.

Your appeal title must be very concise and clear stating your request or why you deserve benefits.

After a new application rejection, wait for 90 days to make an appeal or reapply to increase approval chances.

Whether you are a new member of SASSA, weekly perform SASSA status check to know the status of your application or appeal with SASSA.

How To Reapply

As reapplying is a whole new process you need to perform, so you have to collect all the necessary documents that SASSA needs to verify your eligibility.

Collect all your documents like your ID card, your birth certificate if required only. Your financial statements that show why you are a deserving person for the grant, your bank’s previous statements, or record of your bank transaction officially printed out from the bank.

Your residential address, proof of income, and affidavit for the specific grant you want to apply.

With all this,  the most important document is your bank consent form in which should be officially printed out from the bank or the bank to which you want SASSA to send money.

Fill out a new SASSA application form with all your details: your phone number, ID card number, and various other information related to you.

Attach your bank statements and other important documents in a digital form with the SASSA application form and press the submit button.

Now wait for at least 2 weeks to see what SASSA responds to your reapplication, to check if you can perform an SRD status check.

Make note that you can either check your reapply or appeal status, you can use the same official status check tool developed by SASSA.

What To Do First After Rejection Appeal or Reapply

According to previous data on SASSA applicants it is clear that 96% of the appeals are accepted if done right.

There are various other advantages of appeal over reapplication as this does not only lowers your workload of applying for a grant, but it also lower the workload of employees of SASSA managing and cross-verifying the appeals or applications in-house.

Also, it is an impressive way to convince SASSA that you are the one deserving for the grant.

From previous data of SASSA it is also revealed that most of the applications of applicants are accepted, and only a few with serious mistakes are rejected.

Or that application gets a rejection stamp that has not met the eligibility criteria of SASSA for that specific grant category.

So if you ask us, we will always recommend you appeal to try at least once before you decide to reapply.

You can also do this, if your appeal is getting rejected every time, you can physically visit to SASSA office to convince them to give you the grant.

But there are some limitations when you convince them physically, as always keep this in mind you must be very polite in convincing SASSA for a grant.

Also, your point should be very valid and authentic to convince SASSA for grant approval or appeal approval.

An additional tip for you, if SASSA’s lower management don’t listens to you or take no any positive action in your right, in this situation you can reach to higher management of SASSA to convince or appeal to them.

In all this matter, you should not forget the real meaning of appeal which is to request, so your request should always be in a polite manner.

In previous record, it is also clear that SASSA does favours to widowed women or women prove their eligibility through dialogues over males.

After women the second most accepted group by SASSA are children or foster children unable to meet their monthly cost. As most of the healthy men are straightway face rejection for most of their requests with SASSA until they are jobless and seriously finding job role for them.


Appealing and reapplying both are your rights, you can decide for yourself what to go with, we just made clear the importance of why you should appeal first. If your appeal is not working, you can wither go with reapplication while keeping in mind some necessary rules.


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