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Studying abroad; a guide to student visas

Getting a student visa isn’t as simple as most people might think. Getting a student visa isn’t just a matter of one step, it’s just like getting a job you have to take several steps and precautions before applying for it. In this article we will provide for you a step by step guide on how to acquire your student visa.

Step by step guide on how to acquired a student visa

Receive admission to an educational institution

Before you apply for a student visa make sure that you have secured an admission in an educational institution recognised in the country where you have decided to study in. The institution could be a language school, college, university or some other known institution.

Research visa requirement

Applying for a student visa in any foreign country you must first go to the official website of the consulate or the embassy of that country and measure that you have the material required by the country to issue a student visa. Each country has different requirements so it is important that you search for the requirements of that specific country otherwise this can cause some issues in the near future. And also make sure that you have the correct information, if not then you can get in legal trouble. If you are looking for consultancy in Oman, DM Consultant can help you. 

Preparing necessary documents 

Before applying for a student visa in any country make sure that you have all the documents regarding the requirements of the government of that country ready. On average require documents include:

  • Passport 
  • Visa application form 
  • Letter of acceptance 
  • Proof of financial support 
  • Proof of accomodations 
  • Health insurance (if necessary)
  • Passport size photographs

Schedule an appointment 

Most of the countries in the world require an individual full schedule and appointment for a visa interview at the consulate or embassy. You can learn about scheduling and appointments at the embassy by visiting their official site. You can also apply for a skilled independent visa Australia.

Pay the visa fees

After submitting everything required by the government of the country, forward it to the embassy or consulate and pay the fees you are asked for. Upon paying the fees the employee will give you a receipt and make sure that you keep this receipt with yourself to prove that you have paid the visa fees.

Attend Visa interview (if required)

After completing all of the previous steps, you will be assigned a date for an interview relevant to your student visa. Make sure that you are prepared for all the questions the interview can ask. A visa interview is required by most of the countries but some countries do not require a Visa interview and for those countries who require a Visa interview, under some given circumstances they will not take your interview.

Wait for the Visa to be issued

After completing all of the previous steps and giving the interview wait for the country to approve your visa full stop this is a matter of time and it can take anywhere between a few weeks to several months. Make sure that you check your notifications regularly and if you see a notification regarding your visa make sure to respond to wait as soon as possible.


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