Supermoto Dreams Come True: The Svelte-Looking Husqvarna SM 630 Alpine

While many custom bike builders often favor a more open-ended approach to their projects, Pierre Dhers of Freeride Motos found himself following a unique set of directives when creating the motorcycle he affectionately calls “Alpine.” In this instance, the client had a precise vision for the bike, offering clear instructions and a well-defined concept right from the project’s inception.

Husqvarna SM 630

Pierre was tasked with creating a versatile supermoto that could function as a daily rider, turn heads at the Wheels & Waves festival, and excel on the racetrack during weekends. To achieve this, they chose a 2011 Husqvarna SM 630 as the project’s foundation, a smart choice due to the Husky’s respectable power output and lightweight construction.

The SM 630 came with some desirable factory features such as inverted 45 mm (1.8-inch) Marzocchi forks, a progressive Sachs mono-shock, and 17-inch wheels. The transformation of Freeride’s project commenced by stripping away the stock bodywork. A foam mold was meticulously crafted, enabling the creation of a stylish fiberglass ensemble that seamlessly combines the fuel tank and tail into a single unit.

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The newly designed tank boasts a capacity of up to 12 liters (3.2 gallons), and a revamped subframe provides support for Alpine’s monocoque attire at the rear. Hidden between the frame tubes is a fresh lithium-ion battery and the relocated electronic components from the SM 630, all discreetly tucked away in a custom-made tray. The extended saddle was provided by Christophe from Akotabe, and the front number plate is another in-house creation using fiberglass.

At the front, a pair of dual LED projectors are mounted slightly higher on the handlebar, conveniently detachable for track use. Pierre added discrete lighting strips to the fork legs, serving as front turn signals to maintain street-legal status. In the rear, a compact LED taillight is integrated into the furthest tip of the bodywork, complemented by a custom license plate bracket lower down.

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The bike’s 600cc single-cylinder engine remains mostly unchanged internally, with the addition of a Suter anti-hopping clutch and enhanced breathing components. On the intake side, Pierre installed a Uni air filter on a bespoke silicon manifold, while the exhaust system now features stainless-steel pipework that culminates in an SC-Project muffler.

For road use, the original tires were replaced with Dunlop Mutant rubber, while a second set of 17-inch wheels fitted with track-focused tires is readily available. The bike’s captivating livery, inspired by Renault’s Alpine Blue, serves as the foundation color. Additional white accents and black details complete the look, and reimagined Husqvarna logos were personally designed by the customer, adding a personal touch to this exceptional build.

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