The best international boarding school in India for world-class education

Choosing the best school can be a difficult decision for most parents, especially boarding schools. Parents who are busy at work, non-residential Indians, and those living in remote parts of the country prefer to send their children to residential schools. There are some of the best international boarding schools in India that offer world-class education and a focus on co-curricular activities. 

Reasons why international boarding schools are a great choice for kids?

The best international boarding schools in India offer a distinct set of features that mould the future of the child. Some good reasons why international boarding schools are a perfect option for global education are as follows.

  • High-quality education: International boarding schools offer world-class education through highly qualified and experienced teachers, for their students. 
  • The schools offer a safe and supportive environment for the pupils. They follow strict regulations to ensure the safety and security of the students at all times.
  • These schools conduct language immersion programs, allowing students to become fluent in more than one language apart from their mother tongue.
  • A boarding school offers an excellent opportunity to balance independence and responsibility for the child. 
  • They encourage students to take ownership of their actions and studies so that they grow up to be responsible individuals.  

Best international boarding school in India:

The best international boarding school in India provides a transformational education experience to prepare students for a global society. By choosing an international residential school, families can offer a globally focused education, preparing students to be compassionate global citizens. Sharda World School in Uttar Pradesh is one of the best boarding schools in India, following world-class standards in rendering quality education for the students. 

Shada World School prepares its students for global living and helps them live independently. They perform very well in college and at work, well ahead of their counterparts. Students from many countries study here, creating a global platform for children.

Features at Sharda world-class international school in India:

Sharda World School is a premium international school that has students from all over the world. Students here get to understand the culture of the entire country at a very early age. The school offers the best boarding facilities for its students. The premium features that this international school offers are as follows.

  • Hostel facilities:

Being the best international boarding school in India, its residential facility has the best hostel. The administration will make all efforts to create an atmosphere where young minds grow. The school doesn’t support pampering and encourages the children to be responsible citizens. The school has an exceptional pastoral block, and every child comes under the guidance of a house parent. Hostel blocks have clean, air-conditioned rooms on a triple-sharing basis. 

  • Dedicated study space:

This boarding school has a common study space for the entire hostel, where students can self-study under the supervision of their house parents. The school also ensures that their study schedule is completed in a specific slot so that they get ample time to participate in extracurricular activities. 

  • Ayurvedic diet:

At Sharda World School, they make sure that the health of every student is at its best. The school prepares a customized diet plan, prepared by an expert nutritionist, on the basis of their physical needs. The school serves five meals a day for each student, and this will be different for each child. Experts will also perform regular checkups to monitor the growth and progress of each child.

  • Outings:

This boarding school plans outings every month, and each boarder is expected to complete at least one trip every month. This helps the students to explore new places, especially historical places. Every student should submit a report following the trip. 

  • Evening activity:

Evening activities are mandatory for all students. The activities are planned so that each student gets a complete workout on a daily basis. Sports facilities are available at specific slots for each student in this best international boarding school in India. Students can use them by pre-booking them from the person in charge of the sports facility. 


What are the facilities offered in boarding schools to relax students?

Boarding schools have libraries, athletic sports facilities, and music and art studies to help students explore their passions and hobbies.

Bottom Line:

Sharda World School is the best international boarding school in India that offers a combination of academic excellence, sports programs and extracurricular activities. Students live in this dedicated campus under the guidance of home parents and resident advisors. The philosophy of the school is based on panchabhutas creating an ideal environment for students to immerse themselves in a vibrant academic community. 


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