The Impact of GRE Online Preparation on Your Career

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized aptitude test to measure a candidate’s abstract thinking abilities in analytical writing, vocabulary, and mathematics. Most graduate schools overseas use GRE scores to evaluate an applicant’s readiness for a program. Some graduate programs also require students to take the GRE Subject Tests to assess their technical knowledge in subjects like psychology, physics, or mathematics.

Understanding the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

The GRE consists of three sections to assess verbal, quantitative reasoning, and critical writing skills. Understandably, each section has its own challenges for which students need proper guidance from tutors with relevant knowledge and expertise. If you aspire to take the GRE, you can sign up with for GRE preparation online. Before discussing GRE online classes, let’s quickly understand the test’s three sections. 

  • Verbal Reasoning: This section analyses the test taker’s ability to distinguish key and relevant points, understand the meaning of words and sentences, and draw conclusions based on careful analysis of the written material, among others. The score ranges between 130 and 170 in one-point increments. You can visit AbroAdvice for more information on GRE scoring or prompt solutions to all your queries, from GRE is for which country to “How to get higher scores in verbal reasoning.”
  • Quantitative Reasoning: This segment tests students’ ability to solve problems using geometry, algebra, and data analysis and evaluate quantitative data. The scoring ranges between 130 and 170 in one-point increments. 
  • Critical Writing: The final section evaluates the test taker’s analytical writing and critical thinking skills. In other words, it checks how well students can articulate difficult ideas and effectively support key concepts. The score ranges from 0 to 6. 

The final score is calculated by combining the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores on a scale of 260 to 340 in one-point increments. The Analytical Writing section is reported separately. 

Preparing for the GRE 

A report suggests that the number of students taking the GRE has increased from 56,782 to 114,647. The numbers show that the test is gaining popularity among students aiming to gain admission into graduate programs in foreign universities. As a study-abroad aspirant, you must put your best foot forward to secure good GRE scores. 

Figuring out how to prepare for the test can be challenging. Most students prefer offline classes, private tutors, self-studies, or coaching centres. But recently, online GRE prep courses and classes have become popular among students. Taking GRE prep courses can be immensely beneficial and help you be thoroughly prepared. 

Online GRE Classes – Why Choose Them?

Obtaining good scores on the GRE demands more than just academic knowledge. As an aspirant, you should be thorough with everything related to the test, the standard format, question types and scoring system to ensure you are ready for the exam day. If you want to gain sure-shot success in the exam, you can use the online mode for GRE preparation. Take a look at the top benefits of signing up for GRE Online Prep Classes:

  • Highly convenient and flexible:

Preparing for the GRE is time-consuming and can hog most of your study hours, especially if you are enrolled in in-classroom classes. Let’s not forget about your other professional, academic, and social commitments. 

However, online classes allow you to plan your routine and schedule classes at your convenience. Since classes are held on a digital platform, you don’t have to travel to the centre. You can save time, effort, and travel costs and study at home or anywhere else you prefer.

  • Personalized support from top guides:

One key benefit of online prep classes is that you can customize lessons according to your specific needs. Unlike in-classroom courses, you will have a course supervisor dedicated to helping you throughout the course. S/he will adopt a one-to-one teaching approach to help you overcome your learning challenges and prepare lessons based on your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, you manage your preparation time smartly and focus more on the areas you need to improve. 

  • Learn at your own pace:

Some students grasp concepts faster, while others need more time and additional guidance to understand something. A tutor in offline classes will not always be able to give extra attention and time to re-teach you due to the time limits, thus creating a learning gap. With online GRE prep classes, there’s no rush with lessons. You can pause, make notes, and repeat the lectures as many times as needed. 

  • Regular assessments:

The online GRE prep classes use advanced algorithms and adaptive technologies to analyse your performance, identify your weaknesses, and polish the areas you are already strong in. Since you get a detailed report, you can use it to track your progress, week by week and work harder to improve your overall performance. 

  • Up-to-date study resources:

Generally, most in-classroom coaching centres don’t upgrade their study materials. They follow the same teaching methods and give students the same questions to solve year after year. But the GRE study material, questions, reading passages, and videos don’t remain the same every year. 

Unlike offline coaching centres, online prep course developers modify the study resources using real-time performance data. The online trainers are aware of the updates and offer extensive support so that you can benefit from the changes. 

  • Support from top-ranked instructors:

Enrolling in a GRE Online Prep course at a reputed platform like AbroAdvice will allow you to get customized support from some of the best instructors in the country. The teaching team is backed by experienced and knowledgeable instructors with a high record of training students to gain success in the GRE. 

Most of these trainers have cracked the GRE and studied and lived abroad. They can guide and advise you on nailing the test with flying colour. 

  • Practice in a test-like environment:

Your GRE scores are crucial for securing a spot at your dream university. However, you can only achieve your goals if you are well-prepared, requiring regular testing. The more you practice and solve questions online, the more confident you will become. 

Online prep courses will allow you to appear for multiple mock tests. You can solve questions in the actual test format and a real test-like environment. Continuous practice will familiarise you with the format and overcome your exam jitters. 

  • Cost-effective:

If you search in-classroom GRE prep courses, you will see that most are extremely pricey, ranging between $500 and $5,000! Now, that depends on your location and the type of programme you want to enrol in. The charges will likely increase if you opt for private tutoring for one-to-one guidance. The tutors tend to charge for each class, which can cost up to $500! Such high prices can be a hurdle for most students, considering the hefty university fees awaiting them. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about such exponential charges with online GRE prep classes. The charges are substantially lower, usually less than $200, saving you a lot of money for your university application, admission fees, and other expenses. 


The GRE is a computer-based, multi-choice test assessing a student’s eligibility for a graduate course. Like other competitive exams, succeeding in the GRE demands a thorough preparation. If you are aiming to appear for the test, you can sign up for online GRE prep classes to develop and improve your skills and knowledge. 

Online courses will provide you with a dedicated mentor for one-to-one support and personalised lessons and give you access to mock tests, up-to-date lessons, and more at a pocket-friendly charge. So, what are you waiting for? Start with GRE Online Preparation Classes to gain a competitive edge in admissions. 

Good luck!


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