The Unusual Marital Life Of Donnie Swaggart

The Unusual Marital Life Of Donnie Swaggart

Like all parents, Donnie Swaggart, an American preacher, and his wife, Debbie, desire to witness their children thrive and create loving families of their own. They have instilled their faith in God in their three children.

Thankfully, their parenting efforts have yielded positive outcomes, with their children being well-established in their lives and excelling in all their endeavors.

The Swaggart’s Have Three Children

Donnie and Debbie are blessed with three children: two sons, Gabriel Swaggart and Matthew Swaggart, and a daughter named Jennifer Swaggart. As co-pastors of the Baton Rouge-based Family Worship Center Church, they take immense pride in passing down their family’s cherished beliefs to their children.

Both Gabriel and Matthew actively participate in the Family Worship Center Church, along with its sister organizations, Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, and Crossfire Youth Ministry.

Gabriel serves as a full-time assistant pastor, while Matthew excels as a talented photographer and proficient TV graphics artist. Meanwhile, their daughter, Jennifer, is a dedicated educator who recently attained her master’s degree in education.

Their children have a family of their own.

By 2021, Donnie and Debbie’s children had all reached adulthood, marrying and settling down with their respective spouses. As a result of their children’s unions, the couple proudly became grandparents to eight grandchildren. Gabriel and his wife, Jill, are parents to three daughters: Samantha Gabrielle, Abby Jill, and Caroline Frances.

Similarly, Matthew and his wife, Joanna, have three children: two boys named Ryder Euin Presley and Navy Matthew Aaron, and a daughter named Lola Josephine Rose. Jennifer and her husband, Cliff, also have two children, a son named Harrison Brooks and a daughter named Harper Riley. Jennifer and her family reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

Donnie Swaggart’s Unusual Marital Life

Compared to typical marriages, the American pastor and marriage evangelist’s marital history is rather unconventional. Donnie has been married three times, with two of those marriages involving the same woman—Debbie. Initially married to Debbie, they separated in 2003 for reasons undisclosed.

Later that year, Donnie married a woman named Judy, but their marriage ended in separation in 2006, just three years later. Following his divorce from Judy, Donnie remarried Debbie, his first and current wife, for the second time. Fortunately, their second union has been successful.

However, Donnie and Debbie have chosen to keep details such as the reasons for their divorce, their children’s birthdates, and other specifics about their marital connection private. Hence, no further information on these matters is available.


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