This DIY SnowKart Is the Perfect Way to Get Your Winter Fun On

As September ushers in the end of summer across most parts of the world, it’s never too early to prepare for the upcoming winter season. Why wait when you can get ahead of the game? Let’s shine a spotlight on an electrified marvel designed to conquer the snow and ice, ensuring you’re well-equipped for whatever winter throws your way.

DIY SnowKart

“Unleash the Electric SnowKart: Your Ultimate Winter Adventure Buddy! 🏔️❄️

Introducing the Electric SnowKart by the North American innovators, Envodrive – Pioneers of Snow-Powered Fun!

Don’t Close That Browser Tab – Here’s Why You Need the SnowKart:
– For just $5,880, the SnowKart is your snowmobile-o-kart dream come true, designed to tackle all winter terrains.

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– Equipped with dual tracks, each boasting a BLDC geared hub motor delivering 1,200 W and 120 Nm of torque, it conquers powder, hardpacked snow, slush, and ice.
– Despite weighing 100 lbs, it effortlessly handles 20% slopes and cruises at a software-limited speed of 20 kph (12.5 mph).
– With its mighty dual motors, the SnowKart boasts a whopping towing capacity of 400 lbs, making it the diesel engine of the snowscape.
– The SnowKart runs on a robust battery array filled with Panasonic/LG cells, offering 17.5 Ah of power under 48V, ensuring up to two hours of continuous, full-throttle riding on pedal assist. Pedal assist? Who needs pedals?
– Built to endure the harshest winter conditions, the battery packs are cold-weather warriors, operating smoothly down to -20 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit).
– Get ready to roll up your sleeves because the SnowKart is a DIY project – assemble the tracks, lay down aluminum pipes, and bolt on the battery packs, all while enjoying the thrill of building your snow beast.
– A preliminary launch for early adopters, the SnowKart comes with a Liability Waiver, ensuring you take full responsibility for the safe installation.
– Safety first! While cruising at 12.5 mph in a winter wonderland, always wear a helmet to stay protected.
– Envodrive’s Flex platform offers modular e-bike, e-trike, and snow-bike systems for year-round adventures and tasks.

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– Experience newfound mobility, skip the driveway shoveling and unlock the joy of snowy subculture with the SnowKart – an affordable, electrifying alternative to traditional winter vehicles.
– Revel in the quiet, eco-friendly power of the SnowKart, allowing you to explore the winter wilderness without disturbing local wildlife.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate winter adventure – gear up with the Electric SnowKart for a season like no other!❄️🏂”

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