Tips for Hiring a Cool Room

So, you need to hire a cool room for an upcoming event or job? Maybe it’s for storing perishable foods at your restaurant during a kitchen renovation. Or keeping flowers and plants fresh for an epic outdoor wedding. Perhaps you’re running a big corporate luncheon and need extra cold storage space.

Whatever the reason, renting a portable cool room is an awesome solution for temporary refrigeration needs. But with so many options out there, how do you go about finding the right cool room hire for your situation? Follow the tips below to make sure you get set up with the coolest cold room around.

13 Super Cool Tips for Renting the Perfect Cool Room

Tip #1: Measure Twice, Cool Once

Don’t just eyeball those dimensions! Precisely measuring the space where you plan to put the cool room is critical. Jot down the length, width, and height, and don’t forget to account for any protrusions like pipes or columns. Getting an exact fit makes everything easier.

Tip #2: Chillin’ for How Long?

Cool rooms can usually be rented for a day, a week, a month, or longer. Knowing your date range upfront allows the cool room company to plan accordingly. It also ensures you get the best pricing for your rental period.

Tip #3: Stay Insulated, My Friends

When comparing cool room specifications, pay close attention to insulation ratings. More insulation equals better temperature control and energy efficiency. This is especially vital for cool rooms being used in hot weather or direct sunlight.

Tip #4: Keep That A/C Frosty

The refrigeration unit is the heart that pumps out cool air, so you want plenty of power. As a general rule, opt for a unit with 10-20% more cooling capacity than you expect to need. It’s better to be a bit over-prepared!

Tip #5: Location, Location, Cool-cation

A cool room hire Brisbane needs decent ventilation to expel hot air from the condensing unit. Make sure there’s clearance around the cool room for proper airflow. The hire company can advise on specific ventilation requirements.

Tip #6: Access Matters

Think about how you’ll load and unload items from the cool room. Does it need to be ground-level for a pallet jack? Should the door opening be extra wide? Planning for easy access saves headaches.

Tip #7: Raise the Roof

If your cool room is set up indoors, measure any entrances to ensure they can fit through. You may need to disassemble and reconstruct the room inside. Some hire companies offer special roof-only models for these scenarios.

Tip #8: Power Up

Having enough electrical power is crucial for cool rooms to run efficiently. Most require a dedicated 15–20-amp circuit, so make sure there’s a suitable power source nearby. Your hire supplier can guide you based on the cool room’s specs.

Tip #9: Stay Flexible with Temps

Cool rooms typically have a temperature range of 0°C to 10°C. But some foods need to stay frozen below 0°. For ultimate flexibility, look into getting a freezer room instead of just a cool room.

Tip #10: Time It Right

When does the cool room need to be operational? Provide a timeline to the cool room company. They can ensure it’s delivered and set up with enough lead time to reach the desired temperature before your first cool duty.

Tip #11: Read the Fine Print

Before booking anything, carefully review terms and ask about fees beyond the base rental rate. There may be charges for delivery, installation, breakdown, excessive cleaning, late returns, or the dreaded damage waiver (you know, just in case). Knowing what’s included and not included helps you budget accurately.

Tip #12: Transport Like a Boss

Cool rooms are often delivered via truck, so make sure there’s enough room for it to maneuver. You may need to check with building management or the local council if street parking is involved. Also, consider whether the cool room comes on wheels that can be locked or need additional support for stability during transport.

Tip #13: Go Local with Your Cool Room Hire Brisbane

Last but definitely not least, choose a reputable cool room hire company that services your area. When hunting for cool room providers, look for ones that have been around for years and get solid reviews for their products and customer service.

Stay Chill with the Right Cool Room Rental

Whether you need to keep foods fresh for an event, protect temperature-sensitive products during a move, or create a temporary cold storage workspace, renting a cool room is the way to go. By following the tips above, you’ll be equipped to find the ideal cool room solution for your needs.

Don’t let confusion over sizes, specs, and setup requirements cause you to make a poor choice. Spend a little extra time getting the details right up front, and your cool room hire is sure to be a refreshing success from start to finish.

Most importantly, partner with an experienced local provider like the outstanding experts at Cool Room Hire. Their skilled team will ensure you have a perfectly chilled fridge space to keep you cool all event or project long. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy those ultra-chill vibes!


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